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I know there are allot of threads on installing Viking Saddlebags......... but thought I would share my experience.

First, when the bags arrived, I had ordered bolt on mount, and received what appeared to be throw over mount. After a quick e-mail to customer service, I was informed they are the same and the "throw over" portion is removable if not required. No installation instructions what-so-ever sent with the bags....... but the throw over portion was easily removed.

Next, you absolutely will need to drill mounting holes. These are marketed on their website as for Indian...... but I assure you they are universal. They come with 4 holes predrilled, but at best you could use 1. If you use the existing hole, the bags ride very high and in my opinion greatly reduce the beauty of the bike. I chose to drill two new holes to get the bags where I wanted them. They do send plugs for the predrilled holes.

Once I got them mounted, and replaced the Viking emblem with an Indian, I was pleased with the results. The bags are likely smaller than OEM, but they fit my needs easily.

At this point, I would buy these again....... but they need to have actual mounting instructions for each bike, and send it in an e-mail or something
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