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<span>Quote from Cycle World Mag:
'That evening, Editor Hoyer got a call from </span><a title='Harley-Davidson Motorcycles' href=''>Harley-Davidson</a><span> telling us to cease riding our Street Glide and the Ultra Limited camera bike. There was a voluntary recall on the new hydraulic clutch system, covering two issues (a potentially porous master cylinder casting that could let air in the system and an incorrect clutch release plate on the assembly itself) that could keep the clutch from fully disengaging, even with the lever pulled all the way in. We&rsquo;d had no issues with our bikes, but Harley was taking no chances. The La Crosse dealer would haul the two Harleys and riders to my place the next day, and then the factory would send a truck over the following day'.</span>

You gotta love it. The HD didn't even finished the trip! Indian wins again:)
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