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Hey everyone! This is a new touch on an old topic. I have been searching the forums looking for the most cost effective speaker and amplifier upgrade while getting the most bang for my buck. I have seen several discussions posted using the ArcAudio and Rockford Fosgate amplifier with either upgrading their 5.25 or going to 6.5 speakers. Here are some prices that I have found, now keep in mind that you may or may not find better prices, but this is what I found online. The following information is for comparison purposes.

Arc Audio KS125.2 - on eBay 299.99
Rockford Fosgate PBR300x4 - on caraudiogiants. com 149.95

Victory Kicker 5.25 - from Victory 199.99
Infinity 5032cf 5.25 - on 67.95
Polk Audio DBx525i 5.25 - on eBay 67.99

Bike Tronics 6.5 Titan XL w/ adapter rings - from 249.95
Polk Audio DB651 w/out adapter rings - on eBay 56.82

So after much looking and finding out that I was going to be out around 250 - 300 minimum with all wiring as well as adapter rings (if I opted to go the 6.5 route), I went to my local Victory dealership! For me personally the staff at Victory of Mesa in Mesa,AZ is top notch. I have purchased two Victory's from them and have purchased a LOT of upgrades for both my Vic's from them. Anyway back to the story, the guys at Victory of Mesa gave me a list of 3 products that I found to be the best cost for what I was looking for. They are as follows:

Alpine SPS 610 - 59.00
Pyle PLMRMP2A - 59.00
6.5 adapter rings - 49.95

Total cost for these components - 167.95 (not including tax and shipping, I was able to get free shipping on the amp and speakers due to purchase being over 100.00)

Additional parts I needed for installing amp were purchased from o'reilleys auto parts (again great guys providing good service)

1 line converter part #ck-ajlo - 17.99
1 RCA part # ck-rca600-3 - 6.99
1 ring terminal pack part 85210 - 5.99

total cost w/ parts listed above (again not including tax) was 198.92

I was able to install all of the above items with assistance from my buddies Q and Jeff in a few hours in my garage. So for $200.00 and a few hours I have an upgraded system that my wife now says is 'obnoxious' but I say sounds fantastic at highway speeds!

As far as installation goes there are plenty of writeups on this forum alone regarding the teardown and install of speakers and amps so I won't beat a dead horse, but I thought that I'd share the information regarding the parts I used and how the parts compared price wise with other parts I have heard used for the XC bikes.

Good riding and stay shiny side up!

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Let me add an amp and set of speakers to the list:

Soundstream PN4.520d amp ($105 at and Polk MM651 speakers ($145 ebay).

I have this setup on my HD and it is awesome! I know the speakers are a little more expensive, but that is the place you want to spend the money. I was so happy with the amp I actually put the same amp in my Hummer H3. Soundstream also makes some reletively good and inexpensive speakers, but the Polks blow them away. I have the 5.25 Polks on my Roadmaster and honestly the MM651 are a HUGE improvement.

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I'm just wanting to see if it is possible to install 6.5" speakers in a RM front faring and if so where did you purchase the 6.5"adapter ring . The factory amp will be good for now...just wanting better sound quality coming from the front faring. Thanks

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I just dropped off at the dealer for installation a set of Infinity kappa speakers for the Indian front fairing. He is substituting them for some factory warranty replacements that I figured, why bother, might as well upgrade and get free installation.
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