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You could always take a trip on the wild side and get one of these...

1000 Lbs. Steel Motorcycle Lift

I mean their good enough for Indian....LOL :)

I have been using that Harbor Freight lift table for years. It's served me well, and has lifted my Vintage, Classic, and Kawasaki VN2000, among all manner of light, and mid-weight machines....BUT! I was never quite comfortable lifting the heavier bikes on it, regardless of the table's lift rating.

These days, If I was going to be launching our new GL1800 up in the air for service, I'd buy a heavier-duty lift than the HF table. I would not be happy seeing a $24,000, 800+ lb. motorcycle tumbling off a a failing $400 Chinese lift.
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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