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I added passenger floorboards this week. The adjustable mounts came with standard steel bolts, and I swapped them out for black (before and after pics below). I bought black replacements at ACE hardware for the low low price of $2.20/ea.

Mounts are here
(but mine came with plain steel hinge pins, not black as shown on the site)
Select Passenger Floorboards in Black are here

I love the way these look, but there are two parts I didn't like:
1. The price tag. I'm far from convinced these are worth north of $500 all in.
2. Getting that g&*[email protected] hinge pin slid in, and the retaining ring put on. (The rest of the install was trivial)

The hinge holes are machined to very tight tolerances, so getting the boards to line up with the mounts is a hassle, despite the hinge pin having a small taper on it. Turns out the best way to do it is to have the floorboard in the upright position, with a little bit of downward pressure on it. For the retaining ring, I got one side of it seated in the groove on the pin, and then pulled the other side over the end of the pin with needle nosed pliers. I'm sure there's a better way, but with the tools I had, it worked.



Raised with original steel bolts

Raised with black bolts.


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You can find the parts considerably cheaper at cheap cycle parts. I paid $352.00 before shipping and taxes for select passenger boards. Also be careful not to loose the spring or ball bearings.
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