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You forgot the Springfield.
It's one of the best Indian offers.

I had the Scout, the SF, & now the New Design Chieftain.. love them all, & if my house was paid for, I'd have kept the Scout & SF.
I understand about not wanting Indian to drift too far from the retro look that drew us all to it.. well the Scout & my gramps in line 4 drew me to Indian.. but change is always good. Drives innovation & broader customer range. I don't want to see Indian lose the classic look.. don't care for the New Road Chief, but I didn't care for my new Chieftain when I first saw a pic of it either. Once the bike is in front of you & you are cruising down the road, it's hard to give a true assessment.

I do wish Indian would step out of the box a bit more, look at the Motto Guzzi MGX-21.. that's stepping out. Though understandably Indian needs to draw the customers that are teetering between the big 2.
If Indian can keep just enough of the heritage look but draw enough people in that appeal to HD they have accomplished the goal... IMO
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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