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Saturday June 3rd 2017 will be the 5th Annual CBMC Taffy Run to Leavenworth WA.

We will meet up around 0800 at the Buzz Inn, in Monroe WA, head to Leavenworth to eat Bavarian treats and food filled mostly with nitrates and additives, then wash it down with any beverage of your choice.

After meandering around the same “Art Show” that’s on display every weekend and being sprayed with unfiltered toilet mist being distributed along the sidewalks, we’ll make our way over Blewett pass towards I90 and back to where you came from.

The mission is simple. Ride with friends, meet new friends, eat mediocre food, purchase taffy and treats, share laughs and tales from the road, continue ride with said "Friends" then go home happy.

Friends and family welcome!


CBMC Prez.
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