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Advanced “ADVENTURE” - Billings Hill Climb July 2018

[NEWS CLIP 1 – Limited Release, 2018]

Dr. Gregory Frazier has completed his record setting sixth motorcycle ride around the world! A free "book" is available in the form of a blog, with photographs describing how he managed and survived the 30,000 mile adventure is at:

It is a tale of one man's determination and success versus another man's weakness' leading to his failure, known in racing as a DNF (Did Not Finish).

Like Carl Stearns Clancy was abandoned by his riding partner in Paris while making the first motorcycle ride around the world on a Henderson motorcycle in 1913, Frazier was abandoned by his riding partner and left to soldier on alone, passing through Paris in May, 2017, and then across Asia. Clancy's tale is recounted in the book, THE GASOLINE TRAMP 1912-1913, while Frazier's tribulations are in the contents of The Great Around The World Motorcycle Adventure Rally blog.

Frazier returned to Montana after having his "motorcycle adventure mojo" recharged while au natural (except for his riding boots) during the Wyoming 100% solar eclipse in August, 2017, and then licking his economic wounds through the Winter of 2017 and into late Spring in 2018.

While in his self-imposed motorcycle adventure rehab program he looked at his 1936 Indian Sport Scout race motorcycle that he had campaigned up Pikes Peak (before it was paved), on the big track at Daytona Beach and flat tracked at Sturgis, and said, "There might be another adventure in the hardy 82 year-old 750 cc Indian Sport Scout - the 100th Billings Great American Trophy Hill Climb, July 27, 2018, in their 'Vintage Class,' if I don't sell it first. In the meantime I’ve submitted my credentials and Entry fee, which have been accepted.”

The Billings Hill Climb event proudly claims to be “the oldest and longest running motorcycle hill climb event in history!”

Frazier's latest book, titled DOWN AND OUT...or HOW I BECAME A MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURE JUNKIE can be found at Down and Out in Patagonia, Kamchatka, and Timbuktu

Locally known as "Dr. G", and sometimes "Dr. Crazier," Frazier is a Montana native who quietly resides in Yellowtail (Ft. Smith), Montana when not motorcycle adventuring on a variety of motorbikes elsewhere on the planet. He is the Chief of the World Adventure Affairs Desk at CITY BIKE Magazine, and Adventure Editor-at-Large for Kawasaki's ACCELERATE Magazine, Adventure Strategy Contributor for MOTORCYCLE CONSUMER NEWS and Adventure Editor for the former MOTORCYCLE USA..

Frazier said, purloining words from George Hanson (EASY RIDER – Jack Nicholson):

“This Billings Hill Climb adventure ‘ain’t no pork chops’ adventure. This is ‘U.S. Prime! Nik-nik-nik-f-f-f-Indians!’”

[End News Clip # 1 May, 2018]


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Yes, we're still having "Vintage" fun:


“This ain’t no pork chop adventure, this is U.S. Prime!” (Dr. G lifted from the EASY RIDER movie character George Hanson)


The “Dr. Frazier” July 27 Billings Hill Climb Pit Crew and Adventure Team has been named: BOOM BOOM INDIAN RACING, and currently consists of the following globally monikered members:

“Bleeder” – Colorado

“General Miles” – Montana

“Hondas Pee & Dee” – Washington

“Makers Mark” – Cape Town, Republic of South Africa

“Sexanator” – Thailand

“Wolf” – Thailand

“Jolly Roger” – Thailand

“Scooter Guy” – Thailand

“Hog Nose Momma” – Arizona

“Genezilla” – Arizona

“Deadhorse” – South Carolina

“Two Stroke” – Brisbane, Australia

“Tonto” – Missouri

“Umbrella Girl” – Missouri

“Moose” – Thailand and Minnesota

“Gopher” – Great Britain

“Cinnamon Girl” – Montana

“Big Fish” – Montana

“Ghost” (aka Pee, in Thai) – Montana

“Beatnik” – Forks, Washington

The Boom Boom Indian Racing Public Relations and Product Development department has confined Boom Boom Indian Racer #91 (Dr. Frazier) to the following social media quotes:

Nik-Nik-Nik-f-f-f Indians!” (from the film fantasy EASY RIDER) and “I’m a very stable genius” (from reportedly the current White House).

To stay with the era of the Vintage Racing Class, the Pit Crew has secured a pair of Uniroyal tires (pic 1) and Pit Crew Member General Miles has demonstrated how the team can mount the 1965 treads in the racing pits (pic 2).

Concern over protective riding gear has been a major topic. Pic 3 has Prototype # 36, now in a testing phase. As Crew member Deadhorse has opined: “If Dr. G survived a sixth ride around the world with a Lost Man, he can certainly manage 600 feet up a hill starting at 45 degrees and ending at 90 degrees, or at least some of it.”

Dr. Frazier was the sole Sexual Survivor in 2017:

On the other hand, Maker’s Mark Crew member from South Africa has offered his wisdom on hill climbs, “Fall off at the Start. See how far your 1936 Indian Sport Scout can pilot itself and not worry about your personal Golden Years bones and muscles.”

[END Embargoed Pit Crew Transmission – copyright free]

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