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2023 Scavenger Hunt

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Most of this is directly plagiarized from last year and @bgillen35

Hi All! Welcome to the 2023 Scavenger Hunt.

Here are the rules:

1. Please go out and ride, no old pictures or pictures from your garage or driveway.

2. Your motorcycle must be in the photo with the item. If needed, take a picture with the complete bike and then a second to hilight the challenge. It was mentioned last year that sometimes only a mirror was present- and I was definitely guilty of that.

3. When the item is found, please post the location and any interesting details about the item.

4. The member that finds the item gets to pick the next challenge at the time of the posting.

5. Unless specified by the challenge creator, signs, logos, murals, etc. of the item are acceptable (i.e current challenge is a windmill. A company that has a windmill in their logo is acceptable if you are not in an area with actual windmills).

6. Remember, we are an international forum. Please try to pick something where everyone could participate.

7. Please do not repeat items. A current list of all challenges will be maintained below.

8. If the item is not found within 7 days, the same member will pick another item.

I’ll give the honor of first call to @bgillen35 for all his hard work last year for the first challenge.

Per the 2022 hunt, we are waiting on the side challenge from @BRI UK- “unusual roadside sign” see post #6

Good luck and have fun!
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I should like to join the hunt, if I may. I was out yesterday before the snow started here and wondered whether you would count the heavy-duty metal protuberances on the stone columns holding up the gates as “brackets”?

By the way, this is the entrance to Newby Hall, a county estate in North Yorkshire.

Tire Land vehicle Wheel Vehicle Sky
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Photo isn't showing for me. Anyone else?
I can see the two photos without any problem.
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Does this count as an unusual road sign? In the UK, red triangles are warnings so this literally means beware of the duck!

Plant Vehicle Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Tree

The location is near the Ripon Canal, in Ripon itself: 11 Bondgate Grn · 11 Bondgate Grn, Ripon HG4 1QW
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Just for luck, here is another odd sign. I am not sure how well my juvenile interpretation will translate outside England but they could, crudely (in every sense) be read as “virile sex-act”!

Plant Vegetation Land lot Grass Font

Cloud Tire Sky Wheel Plant

This was also part of my quick ride around local roads, in a unmissable break in the weather. These stone signs are at the entrance to the village:
Dropped pin
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@Beej, yeah good on both, the 'immature humour' is deffo the sort of thing I was expecting/looking for😜- if you look back one of the early ones I went looking for was Sluts lane (no sign tho)
Thank you sir. Good to know I’m among like-minded people!
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My Lord Justice @BRI_UK and members of the jury, I should like to submit a possible sighting of a “lowrider” bicycle.

After extensive forensic investigation (aka Google), I believe that these bicycles are essentially an American phenomenon. I have certainly never seen one or heard of them in my all too many years living in many parts of England. They are characterised by a long, low frame and can have 2 or 3 wheels. While they are often customised, they can be bought ready-made.

Today I visited a specialised bicycle shop in York, “Get Cycling” -
Get Cycling CIC · 22 Hospital Fields Rd, York YO10 4DZ .
They sell “recumbent” bicycles, which seem to me to have all the essential characteristics of “lowriders”. They are certainly long and very near the ground, and any user would most definitely be an exceptionally low rider!

I submit that these meet the hunt’s requirement but humbly await the court’s learned and merciful judgement.

Tire Wheel Vehicle Fuel tank Motor vehicle
Wheel Tire Automotive tire Bicycle tire Motor vehicle
Bicycle Wheel Tire Crankset Bicycle wheel

Wheel Tire Bicycle Bicycle tire Crankset
Bicycle Tire Wheel Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Bicycle wheel
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@Beej - having lived in Sourthern California and Arizona and working in the bicycle world for 10 years, that’s a cool shop. Unfortunately, cargo bikes and recumbents are their own respective categories. Unless the majority overrules, I can’t call those lowrider bikes.

See here for inspiration-
Thanks. In the absence of any disagreements I am very happy to accept your well informed assessment about what constitutes a “lowrider”.

The Scavenger Hunt is already meeting its objective for me, providing reasons to get out on my bike more often, to go to new places and meet new people.

I am looking forward to the next challenge.
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I am afraid that both Pursuits and Airstreams are thin on the ground in the UK but I’ll try to get to an Indian dealer ( nearest is 2.5 hours away) to see if they have a Pursuit.
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View attachment 735010
In the US, a Corvette. In Europe, a Porsche 911. Not interchangeable
Drat - just too late and would you believe I passed a 911 on the way home! Not a day to buy a lottery ticket.

Tire Window Automotive tire Wheel Vehicle
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Some thoughts from a newbie, building on jslacker’s good points about balancing opportunities and incentives.

To encourage more people to get involved there are some issues to think about:
1. different opportunities to ride. I’m retired so have more scope to get out and about than those at work. Different climates have a similar handicapping effect.
2. different time zones. Those in the same zone as the person setting the challenge may get a head start.
3. while it is fun to be first to complete a hunt, it can be off-putting to keep getting pipped at the post (I speak from experience!).
4. keeping track of rapidly changing targets.
5. keeping the Hunt’s administrative overhead to a minimum.

With these in mind, some possible tweaks to the rules:
1. each hunt to be open for a week.
2. a point to everyone finding the target, with another point to them for each additional example found, providing they are at least 10 miles/15 kilometres apart.
3. members submit their successes every week, say on Sunday or whenever would best suit the Hunt’s administrator. At the same time they suggest a potential target for the following week.
4. any targets not found to be carried forward to the following week(s), with a bonus point when they are found.
5. the winner’s target is used the following week, when they stand down. The target is first confirmed and announced by the administrator, listed with any targets carried forward from before.

I don’t know whether these ideas will appeal or be practical. More experienced members will know best. Regardless of this, it might be worth promoting any changes in a separate thread in the “general discussion” and “news” forums to draw attention to the Hunt‘s objectives and rules, especially for the Forum’s many new members.

For what it’s worth, I should be happy to pitch-in on the Hunt’s administration, in whatever way might help, and whatever the rules.

PS. I also missed rule #2 and will try to do better. If I can’t at any time, I’ll try to explain why this wasn’t possible.
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@BRI UK -the internet tells me both of these are horse boxes (horse trailers here in the U.S.). Are you looking specifically for the self-contained unit, the tow behind variety, or either?

View attachment 736011 View attachment 736012
Both would be recognised as horseboxes in the UK and so either should do.
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