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2023 Scavenger Hunt

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Most of this is directly plagiarized from last year and @bgillen35

Hi All! Welcome to the 2023 Scavenger Hunt.

Here are the rules:

1. Please go out and ride, no old pictures or pictures from your garage or driveway.

2. Your motorcycle must be in the photo with the item. If needed, take a picture with the complete bike and then a second to hilight the challenge. It was mentioned last year that sometimes only a mirror was present- and I was definitely guilty of that.

3. When the item is found, please post the location and any interesting details about the item.

4. The member that finds the item gets to pick the next challenge at the time of the posting.

5. Unless specified by the challenge creator, signs, logos, murals, etc. of the item are acceptable (i.e current challenge is a windmill. A company that has a windmill in their logo is acceptable if you are not in an area with actual windmills).

6. Remember, we are an international forum. Please try to pick something where everyone could participate.

7. Please do not repeat items. A current list of all challenges will be maintained below.

8. If the item is not found within 7 days, the same member will pick another item.

I’ll give the honor of first call to @bgillen35 for all his hard work last year for the first challenge.

Per the 2022 hunt, we are waiting on the side challenge from @BRI UK- “unusual roadside sign” see post #6

Good luck and have fun!
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Thank you for the honor and for taking on the task!

Let's start the new year off with something new! A grand opening sign, a vehicle with temporary tags, new home for sale, etc.
Then something borrowed followed by something blue.
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Location of your find? You know...for the map. :)
Egolf car dealership, brevard nc
All right- one day left on the snowplow. @Scouts out! , get ready- if no one gets it my Sunday morning, you get another pick.

Since it’s finally stopped raining in SoCal, might have a chance to ride this weekend. Please tell me y’all aren’t going to let someone from San Diego get a snowplow…

pic of some not so local mountains
View attachment 722522
I'll broaden the definition a bit. A pickup truck with a snow blade attached. Even one of the snow removal machines used to plow residential driveways.

Not a snow shovel though. :sneaky:
View attachment 722580

Goodwill, Bellevue, KY.

Next up is a pink elephant.
I spent many an hour here in a past life. Bar in Brussels Belgium.

Building Font Facade Electronic signage Signage
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Looks like @Lee-Bro is 1/3 on his challenges being found. Let’s get another going.
Don't know what happened. I haven't been getting alerts for scavenger hunt. I know where two big foot critters are and could have gotten one. Dang!
So, what are we looking for now? I might actually have ride weather coming up!!!!
Got lucky and found this nice gentleman. View attachment 726414

next up- A PHONE BOOTH!!

must have a phone, phone book, or clearly marked “phone”. Repurposed booths are fine as long as one of the criteria are met above.
They still have a few in airports. Wonder if they'll let me ride my bike in there?
Phone booth- with working phone:D
I did use this box on last years side challenge, but this was a separate visit- after 3 I hadn't visited last year have had phones removed
View attachment 726640
For the spying on where we ride it's at University of East Anglia👅

Assuming this is acceptable:-
As it's soon to be the day dedicated to the patron saint of overpriced underwear, an 'Adult' shop (2 wheeled 'vibrator' shops NOT allowed🤪 )
I'm out on this one! The nearest one to me that I know about is somewhere on I 85 going to Atlanta. I know this only because there are billboards prominently displaying the fact. There's probably one in Asheville but I don't venture there.
I can't participate yet this year as my bike is winterized. Had I known how mild this winter was going to be here in PA I probably would have kept it ready to ride. First off D thank you for the effort you put in managing this game. But I do want to comment on the above statement about stumping us. I do not think the intention of the game is to "stump" us although some participants seem to pick targets that are more frustrating than fun. For you newer guys I'd suggest going back to the first couple of years of the hunt and review the targets. They were fun, challenging, and got one's ass in the seat riding. Please, when picking your challenges make them attainable but not so simple that the majority of us can ride a mile to get it. An example of that would be a gas station. Or so difficult that you eliminate the entire middle of the country. An example would be an ocean buoy. Anyhow, I am looking forward to being able to participate again soon.
Agree 100%. Consistently difficult targets stall the game and people lose interest.
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Wish I was near this signage. It's an epic fail and perfect for our side challenge.

NYC DOT strikes out by misspelling ‘Jakie’ Robinson Parkway sign

Motor vehicle Sky Branch Tree Line
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These are all e-bikes. The bike on the end (and I suspect all of them) has its pedals removed to thwart theft I suppose. Evidence it's an e-bike is the small display screen on the frame. If this passes muster I'll set the next challenge. Found at a bike shop in Pisgah Forest NC
Bicycle Tire Wheel Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Bicycle wheel

Wheel Tire Bicycle Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Motor vehicle

Bicycle Tire Wheel Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Bicycle frame
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View attachment 730868
Finally able to get out today for the first time in a long time.

Timing it in the net is mighty difficult. This was a close as I could get.

Let's keep the march madness going. Next up, a bracket of some sort (interpret as you will).
I'm gonna print out the SEC basketball tournament bracket and glue it to my windscreen and take a pic.
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@Beej give us a new target. I’m riding today and I know you soggy islanders are only a few hours ahead of the east coast. You can’t pretend to be sleeping. 😁😁
Bracketing shots fired! Range to target adjusted.
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@Beej - having lived in Sourthern California and Arizona and working in the bicycle world for 10 years, that’s a cool shop. Unfortunately, cargo bikes and recumbents are their own respective categories. Unless the majority overrules, I can’t call those lowrider bikes.

See here for inspiration-
Hmm. I posted pics of low rider bikes last year in the wheels through time museum. So all I had to do was post a pic of my bike in front of the museum to qualify the pic?
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Automotive parking light Land vehicle Car Vehicle Tire

In the US, a Corvette. In Europe, a Porsche 911. Not interchangeable
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Drat - just too late and would you believe I passed a 911 on the way home! Not a day to buy a lottery ticket.

View attachment 735012
Porsches allowed only in Europe anyway. Corvette in the states just to make it fair.
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Here’s the current standings.

Main Hunt-
@Darkimedes - 7
@Lee-Bro - 5
@Solo12 and @BRI UK - 4
@Scouts out! , @svc40bt , @bgillen35 , @Beej - 3
@jalacker - 2

Side Quest-
@BRI UK - 5
@Lee-Bro , @Beej , @Darkimedes - 2
@jslacker - 1

I had to remove a player for an inappropriate photo that was sent via DM. Apparently when I suggested creativity, they took it as an opportunity to go “full moon clenching a flashlight”. It is not a picture I can post on a public work-safe forum.
Titled moon over my heini
-- 🌙
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