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So after a year on the 2022 Chief Dark Horse, I have decided to make a move to a Chieftain. What does this mean for you? a few parts for sale. Here we go!
Stock racing bars with all the shorter cables and the break and clutch lines (No grips on these)
$100 Shipped
Highway bars close outs OEM Indian.
$150 Shipped
Stage 1 forward facing air cleaner (Black )
$400 Shipped
SOLD!!!!!!!!! Indian saddle bags complete with spools
$850 Shipped Thanks Mike (HxNutMike)
This will be cross posted in a few different FB pages More
Sleeve Automotive exterior Personal protective equipment Jewellery Font
Luggage and bags Bag Sleeve Shoulder bag Rectangle

Personal protective equipment Glove Audio equipment Sports gear Fashion accessory

Pictures available upon request

Luggage and bags Bag Rectangle Shoulder bag Material property
Vision care Eyewear Eyelash Font Bag

2022 Indian chief dark horse
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