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Does anybody have a service manual or wiring diagram for 2018 and up? I want to repurpose my right trigger, but it appears wiring schematic is different from the 2017 and previous. I need to know what wore for Mode 2 switch.

And yes......I have searched

Thanks for the help!

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Quite a few Indian owners, including me on my '17 SF were able to repurpose the RH switch and use it for a garage door opener. For the '17 and earlier bikes, the RH switch went direct to the VCM and was tied into the VCM B RH plug on pin 3 which is labeled VB03 and was a green wire.

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You can see the other end of that wire on RH_CONT_2 below.
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For the '18 and newer bikes, this is no longer a direct connection and if you notice in the pic below, pin 3 on VCM B RH plug is not used.
*the schematic drawing below is for all of the '18 Indian TS bikes.
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The new bikes are using CANBUS communication for some of these same functions as can be seen in the picture below. My SM indicates the drawing below is for Chieftains & RM's but does not have a schematic for the handlebar wiring for SF and Chiefs, but I am 99% certain that this would be applicable for those bikes as well.

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You could always disconnect the wires from the switch to the PCB in the RH cube and run another pair of wires through the bars to agarage remote if you wanted to use this switch.


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