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2018 Dark Horse rear shock

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Just purchased a 2018 Chief Dark Horse and don't have a manual. Does anyone know where the air valve is for the rear shock?
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under the left side panel
Didn't see it there and no chart on the inside of panel either. Happen to have a pic?
Take your seat off and if it is indeed air ride height then just follow the braided like from the top of shock.
But no chart and not under cover then probably not air.
I think Chieftains and Roadmasters have the air shock but the others don't. Springfields maybe but not sure.
Ok so here's what I'm trying to figure out..took the bike out of the shed this morning and it tipped onto the right side from the ground being saturated in my yard. It was only down for a second. Started right back up but when my wife got on and we started to ride it sounds like the rear fender is hitting the tire every time I hit the slightest bump in the road...any ideas???
How long have you had the bike?
Did you ride with the wife before and no rubbing?
See I am thinking you need to adjust your spring preload.
If this was never done then that is the reason its dragging.
Just picked it up a few weeks ago but shes been on it a few times and this is the first time it happened. I saw they have a special tool for that. Anything else do the job efficiently? Or should I just try and get to the dealer?
The tool you have, does it look like a "C" shape with a handle
If yes then that is the tool called a spanner wrench.
This is used to adjust the spring tension.
I dont have it but I guess I'll be ordering one. Thanks for the help
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