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Purchased my Elite 10 days ago - traded in a 2014 Chieftain (which I loved). I took my bride and went to the famous "Twisted Sisters" (AKA "Three Sisters", Three Twisted Sisters") of the Texas Hill Country over the past few days and logged about 800 miles in the saddle. Many of my thoughts are probably appropriate for any 2017 Chieftain or Roadmaster.
The day before we left, the bike was at 400 miles and despite the Indian mechanic's "don't worry about it until you're back" admonitions - I went ahead and changed out the oil with the Indian kit so I wasn't worried every time the odometer rolled another mile. Glad I did because we spent several hours riding in 95+ temperatures.
847 MILES, AVG MPG 36.7 (According to the Trip 2 odometer, Hopeful mileage will improve with break-in)
Bike 1243 miles.

Here are some of my observations:

Bike: Draws curious bikers like any of the following:
a. A bikini clad beautiful woman selling ice cold beer, or
b. A pot of gold out in the sunshine - open for the taking, or
c. A moth to a flame, or
d. A sci-fi movie where a "hypnotic trance ray" is unleashed on the public by an evil scientist that draws them to a source (the bike). Glassy eyes and trailing voice as bikers stumble slowly zombie-like in the direction of the bike...
(OK - perhaps the last example is a little over-the-top)
Cannot stop anywhere without a crowd in 15 minutes. My bride and I wear some Indian gear and we would have people (bikers and non-bikers) identify us with the bike and compliment it even when we were not close to the bike (in a cafe for instance.) Be ready for "my uncle Elbert used to ride and Indian" stories. DO NOT ride this thing if you want to remain incognito.
Of course in the interest of science, I remain aloof to such attention in the interest of a good review and never, ever display pride in said attention.

Stereo: Magnificent - loud and clear without being harsh. Very clear and enjoyable to about 65 mph. Still pretty good at faster speeds. The front speakers alone are better than my old bike - even with the Polk speaker upgrades documented elsewhere in this forum multiple times. Rear speakers keep the better half very happy. Radio and cell phone reception was spotty along this entire route so we listened to a memory stick loaded with country, classic rock, and the occasional pop tune for the entire trip.

Nav System: (Disclaimer: My unit is due for a software flash - need to get it in for this flash to be completed).
Works well but needs tweaks:
Color scheme is not ideal - too hard to pick out local roads from other features for old eyes in sunlight. White roads intermixed with light yellow background - too hard to see when not using the "navigate to destination" option with a bold path defined. Needs a couple of "contrasty" color options that the operator can choose.
Local roads (Ranch Roads or Farm and Market roads in Texas) cannot be seen when one zooms out just a couple of clicks. These roads are precisely what many bikers seek out - the longer path with less traffic and better scenery. They need to be more apparent at lower zoom levels and need a more contrasted color scheme.
Would appreciate traffic information when available (See Garmin Implementation).
My unit froze a couple of times but was easily remedied with restart and hopeful that new flash upgrade helps.

Fancy Floorboards: Look cool but can be just a little slick when wet. May eventually need some skate board tape added for purely safety reasons.

Big Front Wheel: (Disclaimer - the author may need more time to adjust) These roads offer a wide variety of road surfaces from really-needs-work to excellent. The big wheel is nearly unnoticeable except at very slow speed maneuvers. In parking lot turns, it seems to handle differently - otherwise it is just like my old bike.

Rush Racing Exhaust - love the tone and overall sound. A little loud in any confines (overpass, canyon walls, etc.) Might not be the best choice for long range touring. If I was going on a bucket-list 12 state tour, might consider the stock pipes for that kind of trip...

Otherwise enjoyed all of the other things that make this bike so awesome - torquey engine with excellent cruising characteristics, great suspension for two up touring, etc.


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I can't think of a better place to break her in. Congrats on the purchase and thanks for the report-out.
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