Mileage:15777 M
Clean title in hand, freshly inspected, washed, waxed, and ready for the ride. This 2016 Indian Springfield has been treated with kid gloves. Lowered front and rear with progressive springs, Fox air shocks, and VicBaggers lowering links, the reduced reach heated seat brings all of the advantages of a lower center of gravity without the worries of lost cornering lean. Added OEM oil cooler helps keep the engine at optimal temperature during the warmer months. All service performed at Indian dealerships from day one, most recent yearly checkup and oil change completed March 29th 2023.

Included in the sale is a Wheeldock stand, for the perfect parking job every time - simply mount to your trailer, or lag into a cement floor, and the bike stays upright and level, with the front tire insulated from the floor. AGM-specific battery tender and a spare (shorter) windshield are also included.

For the Forum, I will also include the factory service manual, which covers all full frame TS-111 models from 2014-2016 (Chief, Chieftain, Roadmaster, and Springfield).