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I purchased the Barnett Extra Clutch Plate kit along with a Barnett Clutch Cable and Barnett Clutch Shaft Arm. My Roadmaster has 30,000 miles on it with Stage 2 cams and I was experiencing RPM flare up at around 3000-3500 RPM under heaving throttle in 4-6th gears. I tried setting the clutch lever gap as per spec by Indian to no avail however as I set the clutch lever gap a little wide the flaring condition is improved.

Is there any benefit to just installing the heavier duty Barnett Clutch Springs rather than all the components I purchased. My thought would be to just try the Barnett Springs first to see if I can get improvement while the clutch lever gap is set back to Indian specs. If no improvement I would then replace the Clutch Plates with Barnett.
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