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Everything has 5K miles on it. You pay price plus actual shipping.
  • Complete Stock Chrome heat shield set, polished. - $175. These literally look new, see pics. There is some surface corrosion on the backs. I am including seven brand new small clamps, and two used large clamps needed for the install.
  • Stock 2-into-1 / rear header exhaust pipe (with chrome heat shield attached), cat intact - $180 (this is what I paid for a donor)
  • Stock Seat + Passenger Pillion - $200 - very clean, no scratches or wear marks
PM me or post if you want any of it.

Grass Muffler Lawn Pipe
Auto part Automotive exhaust Muffler Exhaust system Pipe

Door handle Vehicle door Automotive exterior Bumper Auto part
Vehicle Car Automotive lighting Automotive exterior Fender
Green Drum Snare drum Metal
Green Wall Architecture Roof Room

Tire Automotive tire Motor vehicle Vehicle Fuel tank
Land vehicle Motor vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Motorcycle accessories
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