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Everything has 5K miles on it. You pay price plus actual shipping.
  • Complete Stock Chrome heat shield set, polished. - $175. These literally look new, see pics. There is some surface corrosion on the backs. I am including seven brand new small clamps, and two used large clamps needed for the install.
  • Stock 2-into-1 / rear header exhaust pipe (with chrome heat shield attached), cat intact - $180 (this is what I paid for a donor)
  • Stock Seat + Passenger Pillion - $200 - very clean, no scratches or wear marks
PM me or post if you want any of it.

Cat1.jpg Cat2.jpg
Heatshield0.jpg Heatshield1.jpg Heatshield2.jpg Heatshield3.jpg Heatshield4.jpg Heatshield6.jpg
Seat1.jpg Seat2.jpg
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