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okay just airing a few gripes/suggestions etc. Well ive almost had my Indian Chief Vintage 5 years. (what a delight , it feels great every time I press the starter and it activates ) last 3 with a sidecar on. Ive um'ed and ah'd at different models and pondered upgrade trade ins to chieftain etc but im very glad I stayed with what I bought originally, I like the heritage/vintage look of the Chief, and pretty much its still stock. Took fishtail pipes as part of the free $ introductory accessory offer, with a leather jacket a windshield bag and cigar lighter. only other thing I changed was from stock air flow to a higher air flow. The saddle bags I added a few more tassels as the velcrose was already right round the inner side flaps. ( Tassels Very cheap and easy to make oneself) . Guess warranty is up soon , so see what effect that has,
So im approaching 15,000 miles and been through many top down clothing accessories.
I must have 20 different Indian jackets, hoodies ,sweatshirts t shirts. awesome always something nice and different styles coming out, my main pros and cons I express below, especially on accessories
are :
1) waterproof gloves. most just seem to be shower proof, Seeping seems are annoying. Some days ive tried 7 pairs different gloves all got saturated, and ocld to point had to stop my ride.
2) add Indian waterproof with meltable leg bottoms I guess I will look for fireproof material to get tailored around them, Not throwing away a $175 suit. Jackets pretty good,
3) Indian Baseball hats have taken a cheap and nasty looking dump for same amount of dollar and poor stand in for the older ones from 2014-2017. I find the ideal baseball cap box is the rear crash bar leather pouch that sells with the leather cup holder.
4) Be nice to have a mini bike cleaning kit with recommended products for the then Indian newbies like me. the paint touch up is handy for the odd gravel chip,
5) Add to that a better tool kit with the required 5 and 6 mm Allen keys to get access to the battery, I like the storage use of under the seat seams a lot wasted space there. Doesn't need so much foam. Spare oil cap. spare fuel cap,
6) I like the magnetic windshield bag but not had chance to ask anyone if its more effective. My current stud and popper one I have to add 2 thin bungees around if riding over 70mph with sidewind.
7) backrest was essential for touring very happy with the Indian stock one,
8) Be nice to get an Insurance tow cover for 250 miles or nearest Indian dealer deal. So fewer dealers mid west to west coast .
9) Air Med Insurance cover , a good thing for piece of mind to get ya back home if you have a spill, especially for the touring bikers.
10) Does the Indian Command GPS have any built in data re you are now x miles from nearest Indian dealer feature using like "four square". With opening hours data phone # etc. be nice to see a portable version or downloadable "add on" package to portable Garmins etc. Okay I wont bore ya with any more. Have fun , it must be time to ride, :)
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