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These are OEM dealer takeoff parts that were removed by dealer in Conyers Ga after the bike was purchased new in late 2003. They have been stored in a dry location since.
please see pictures and make a reasonable offer for any items that are of interest. I recently traded my Roadmaster for a new Springfield and no longer have a use for these.
I was only able to upload 10 pictures and had to add an additional post to complete my items. I also have a complete internal gear set for the 5 speed transmission (mine was converted to a 6 speed). Pictures are not included but if there is an interest, I can take some and send to whomever might want. 20200423_155331.jpg 20200423_155345.jpg 20200423_155320.jpg 20200423_155325.jpg 20200423_155313.jpg 20200423_155327.jpg

Thanks 20200423_155416.jpg 20200423_155412.jpg 20200423_155357.jpg 20200423_155406.jpg
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