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19 Chieftain Dark Horse Build

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Fairly new to this forum. I replied to a few people but not many.

I just completed my performance build this past May on my 19 Chieftain Dark Horse. Did quite a bit of work on it since I bought in in jan of 19. Just now had the chance to share it with everyone

Thought Id share my ride out there with everyone.

Trask Bro bars +8
Voodoo AC
D&D 2-1 Exhaust (purchased way before D&D released at sturgis)
Dirty Bird Floorboards
Lloyds 585 cams
Barrnets xtra plate clutch kit
Corbin Widowmaker seat (haven't got an updated pic yet)
PV3 Tuner with Wideband O2 sensors (aftermarket tune NOT dynojet/fuel moto)
Denali Spot lights
PowerBand Audio (waiting for trunk lids)
relocated PVC valve

still finalizing the tune but with everything done should be pushing as much as or more torque and HP than the stock 116 kit. noted that i am still on 111TS.

Once i get The Dyno numbers done i'll share


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I'm also interested in your impression of the D&D 2-1 exhaust. Did you purchase and install the left side 'dummy muffler'? We'd love to hear a video clip once your bike is complete.
i love the D&D exhaust! the sound is amazing. It has the rumble of a duel straight pipe with the performance of a 2-1. It similarity has the sound of a V8 rumble or i like to call it the V8 of the twin. the sound is loud enough to be noticed but low enough to get that ringing ear sound when you get off. Unlike the jackpot headers i had prior.

I did go with the ghost pipe. kind of had too since the bag sits on it. I know there are other options that could be purchased to omit the ghost pipe. I think dirty bird sells a bracket. i like the look of duels in the rear but wanted the performance of a 2-1.

im planning to make a video soon and have it posted up.

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Did you have to extend any cables for the +8 bars? I had 16" on my Cross Country and need the same height on my Indian. I have a 2020 Chieftain and need bars asap. Curious how hard the bar swap was?
I Had the dealership so the install but I did need to get a longer clutch cable. Basically had to take off fairing to install. My oem brake line works but it's right on the limit of length.
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