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Let me preface this by saying I'm always tinkering with things trying to change the look of my bike. I really wanted a darker windshield and after watching several videos online I thought I would give the VHT Night Shades tint paint a go. WORD OF CAUTION - DONT DO THIS!

After letting the second coat dry it started to cause the shield to develop some hair line cracks (tough to see unless your at an angle) and a scuff at (1"x1") the top, luckily I was able to remove the paint quickly without causing alot of damage to the shield. See photos - I tried to capture it as best I could. Feel free to message me and I can send more photos. They do make a darker tint film that works on plexiglass and would likely hide these little imperfections.

Because of this I'm only asking $50+shipping as I'll need the 14" dark smoke shield.
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