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Up at 10am , 2 hour sleep after 12 hour shift . 11 am Corona Breakout from the creek !!! went by Morro bay highway 1 , Fuelled up at San Luis Obispo then 101 south to Avila Beach temp up to 97 degree f . Eyes almost popped out when i realized the air temperature. Off 101 toward Orcutt onto Clark drive and Highway 1 , familiar route south to Los Alamos 93 degree f. chrome mirrors still bit grubby from its winter quarters, been performing good earlier on 101 a Steady 65 - 70. Pulled in to Los Alamos @ 1245pm. Been a long couple months on home made sandwiches so i had steak carne asada burrito (with a side of a whole ribeye steak on top lol ) lunch at Charlies . Hey its my first sit down meal for quite a while (be it at picnic table outside Charlies, darned corona giving me cabin fever ). Tender Steak just melted. Good to catch up with a sidecar/Jeep buddy. After seeing cool photo effects of a DJI drone filming the rig, 3pm headed north highway 1 through Guadalope to Arroyo Grande(refuelled, sidecar weight and wind sure likes gas but heck its cheap right now) joined 101, home Harmony CA, 5 pm. Riding north was into wind. Face baked but slept like a log after a couple pints of raspberry tea. Well sunday i gotta clean all the bugs off and work on the chrome pitting. Also give the tires a good scrub with Dr Magic sponge. Get it ready for a few rides 101 and the Cambria visit in a few weeks, Great . Ok gotta plan a Hollister trip and see about getting this rig a Dragon fly front fairing (I'd like to keep the auxiliary lamps as I have factory Chief not led whatever ) ,Saw many big bikes today but head on I can't distinguish the newer Indians from anything else. If I cant see the tank logo with these I guess its just a HD. Good Cabin fever therapy today, recommended. Will return in a couple of weeks but head further south for Solvang. will edit in photos later,
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