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    Ok, we have another new product. You CAN live without it, but it is handy. It is a small plastic container with 2.5 ounces of a universal cleaner, conditioner, and protector. IT DOES NOT NEED WATER. This makes it very handy to have with you on trips as well as around town. You can easily spiff...
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    Here is a video that shows you step by step how to remove the stock intake and all of the peripheral gadgets around it. It also shows you how to install the new Thunder Cone high flow intake by Thunder Works. But it could also help you to install other brands of "cone" type filters.
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    Ok. Here is a fun marketing gimmick I am experimenting with. Go to and find the "FREE GIFT CODE" on one of the pages. If you can find the code (It is in large type and easy to spot), then send an email to [email protected] to claim your prize. Your email needs...
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    I am designing a "Thunder Works Dashboard" that can be used on the the non-fairing bikes. It will mount on the handlebars using Ram clamps. It will feature a Motorcycle GPS, phone mount, power ports, and a stereo. I am deciding what kind of music to offer. There are several ways to connect to...
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    It is time to build a new website for The current website looks like it was pieced together as a small company grew. (Oh! That is what has happened.) Of course it needs to be more navigable. The graphics need to be worth looking at. So, I am looking for a cool photo of...