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  1. Indian Scout
    Does anyone else notice that the headlight bucket on the Scout just isn't mounted that well, or is it just mine? Both of the adjustment screws are torqued to the specs in the service manual, but it seems like the whole assembly is just wobbly. When I go down the road at night, I can definitely...
  2. New Member Introduction Forum
    Hello everyone, new to bikes, new to Indian, new to forums. Loving my Scout, having a blast and looking for some advice on how to handle a couple items. 1) anyone have/know of any great mechanics in Los Angeles or SoCal area? 2) I have what I consider (new rider here) a wobble while on the...
  3. Indian Scout Performance & Suspension
    My Scout is new and I am gently running her in . I just clocked 100 miles on the odometer yesterday and cranked her up past 60 MPH. I am getting a constant front end wobble at speed. Nothing so bad as to hamper the handling or stability but its annoying.