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wire harness

  1. Which wiring harness?

    Indian Springfield
    I have a 2016 Springfield with saddlebag audio already. I am adding a heated Roadmaster seat and I’d like to add the trunk as well, but I can’t figure out which wiring harness I need! Is it the audio wiring harness kit: Audio Wiring Harness Kit | Indian Motorcycle Or is it the trunk wiring...
  2. Scout Sixty Black Wire Cover and Bolts

    Indian Scout
    Looking for a black wire cover with bolts for my new bike. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
  3. Rear brake wire harness

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Hello, I was inspecting by taking the rear fender off (1999 chief), and noticed the wires were all pinched and damaged!! Can some one direct me on how to buy a new wire harness. See photo Thanks