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  1. Stripped windshield

    Indian Chieftain
    It looks like the plastic nut that raises and lowers the windshield on my 18 DH has stripped. The motor still works but the shield no longer goes up. Anyone have any experience with this?
  2. Memphis Shades windshield for Indian Scout

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Memphis Shades Rio Grande Sportshield in Gradient Black Measures 21" W x 19" H above headlight Memphis Shades Metric Sportshield Trigger-Lock Mount Kit For Indian Scout 2015-2020...
  3. New member

    New Member Introduction Forum
    Just picked up a sweet '17 Scout ABS. It came with a 24" windshield which gives me a lot of buffeting. Just ordered a 24" Freedom windshield. Anyone have one and how does it compare? Thanks for having me 👍
  4. F/S - Challenger OEM windshield (central CA)

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Looking to sell my Challenger OEM windshield. Replaced at 800 miles with a Klockwerks windsheild. Perfect condition, no dings, scratches, or cracks. Will ship on buyers dime.
  5. Indian Chief Vintage Windshield Mounting Hardware

    Indian Chief Vintage
    I just bought a 2017 Vintage without a windshield. A friend has the original windshield off of his Vintage. I'm confused about exactly what mounting hardware I need to get so that I can use the pre-owned windshield. Can anyone help me with part numbers and sources? Thanks
  6. Memphis Shades windshield for scout

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I have a Memphis Shades 17inch night shades Slims windshield for sale . All mounting hardware included. It is a really good looking and functional windshield. Only road once before I traded the bike in on a Springfield. I paid $379, asking $300 OBO
  7. Willie & Max Leather Windshield Bag - New $40

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Bought this for my Scout and had it mounted to windshield for about 30 miles. Basically new. Paid $72, asking $40 shipped.
  8. Chieftain Buffeting

    Indian Chieftain
    I have benefited from this forum, hence, I thought of sharing my experience. I could not find a comfortable riding position with the factory windshield (IMO is garbage). Based on the popularity, I added the 14" Klock Werks windshield with flare. It helped but did not eliminate the issue. Also...
  9. Windshields

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    The company F4 Customs has 15% off on all of their Vintage, Chieftain, and Roadmaster windshields. 330-968-4644
  10. Any updated thoughts on the “best” Scout/Scout 60 windshield?

    Indian Scout
    Hello, all! I have never been much of a windshield guy but this riding season has been the ‘buggiest’ one I’ve ever experienced. I’m in Maine, so bugs come with the territory. But this season I’ve been pelted to a degree and extent that just boggles the mind. It’s to the point that my goggles...
  11. Windshield for Scout Sixty

    Indian Scout Sixty
    Hi Everyone, I looking to purchase a windshield for my Scout Sixty. I went through some of the threads on here, looks like there is no one right answer when it comes to the windshield. Currently, I am looking at Memphis shades bullet fairing and the Rio Grande sport shield. I was wondering if...
  12. $95 Quick release fairing for Indian Scout

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Wave QR(R); $274.95 new. You’ll need to purchase the quick-release mount kit separately.
  13. SOLD: Indian Scout Dart Classic Windscreen

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Like-new condition. Not a single scratch or ding. Takes away wind push and makes bike way more stable. Less than one season on it. List is US$160. I'll take $60 and you pay shipping or if you're in the SE Mass region, we can meet up (possibly, at MOM's in Foxorough).
  14. 2018 Roadmaster parts

    Indian Roadmaster
    I purchased a new RM last week from Indian Motorcycles of the Rockies and before I took possession I upgraded the exhaust, the air box, the cams, the windshield, and the mirrors. Now I have all the original parts available for sale. I am posting Indian OEM website pricing with the pictures and...
  15. WTB: Chief Mid Windshield with hardware

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I'm looking for OEM quick release hardware and preferably a mid-size windshield. IE: Part 2879575. The windshield will most likely be replaced by a tinted Freedom windshield, so most important item here is the mounting hardware.
  16. Original Roadmaster Parts For Sale - 2017 Thunder Black

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Hi All, I have several parts for sale from a Thunder Black 2017 Roadmaster that I bought a year ago. I switched some different parts right away, so I have the original parts for sale. Original Front Wheel and Tire - Asking $650 Original Front Fender - Asking $700 Original Pipes X 2 - Asking...
  17. Scout Accessories For Sale

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I sold my Scout and have these items to sell: * Genuine Tan Leather Saddlebags - $650.00 These are nearly new bags with no sign of wear. They have been on my bike since August and for only one ride otherwise stored in garage. Never had rain or weather on them. * Solo Mustang Seat Tan - $150.00...
  18. Mirror extension

    Indian Chieftain
    I just bought the Klock werks Flare windshield. I have the mid rise handlebars installed and the mirrors are in the way of installing the windshield. Does anyone have recommendations for extensions for the mirrors to move them out of the way of the windshield? Please help
  19. Windshield for Indian Chief; Classic, Dark Horse, & Vintage:

    F4 Customs
    F4 Customs replacement windshield For Indian Chief; Classic, Dark Horse, & Vintage: DISTORTION FREE! GUARANTEED! Our customer's love F4's solution to wind management for the Indian Chief Vintage. It is more rigid than the stock shield and has no distortion throughout the entire shield. The...
  20. Windshields for Indian Chieftain, Roadmaster, and Vintage

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    F4 Customs Inc. manufactures a windshield for the Chieftain, Roadmaster and Vintage. All shields are highly scratch resistant, (even when rubbed with steel wool) shed rain, and are optically perfect with not distortion. The F4 can be cleaned with any glass cleaner and paper towels. Check our...