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  1. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I love the 50's flavor of Willie & Max's Warrior series bags, plus they are very cheap compared to the Polaris/Indian high-dollah items! They are not real leather, but who cares! LOL! Here is the fork tool bag with the W&M concho removed and replaced with the Indian 1901 concho. See for yourself.
  2. Indian Scout is now offering a very nice tan leather bag for the Scout handlebars and windshield. But it will also fit any bike. It uses four leather laces to secure it. This makes it possible to mount on any bike. The leather is dyed and stitched in house and has a very rich look...
  3. Indian Chief Classic
    Has anyone installed the handlebar of windshield bad on their classic? Pros or cons? It looks like the handlebar bar bag is a little bigger and maybe more secure? Going to run down to the dealers and take a look, I think they have a few handlebar bags installed. Not sure I like how the...
1-3 of 3 Results