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  1. Warbonnet Fender Lights

    Indian Scout Sixty
    Does anyone know the difference between these Warbonnet Fender Lights? Aeromach - $40 Indian Charlotte - $60
  2. If you're not familiar with Hollister Indian in CA, check 'em out!

    Indian Motorcycle Pictures & Videos
    these guys painted my last Indian. Highly recommended, awesome group of guys!
  3. Indian headdress Billet passenger floorboards

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I have a set of the Indian headdress Billet passenger floorboards with the mounting brackets. Asking $300 plus the ride
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    Indian Scout Sixty
    HELLO ALL!!! I recently purchased my very first Indian Scout Sixty and loving every ride! I sat down with Santa Claus and gave him my wish list. lol *Hi output grenades from vance and hines *Warbonnet screaming scout *Power vision cx As a novice motorcyclist I wanted to know if I'm missing...
  7. Howard Hegwer’s Warbonnet lenses

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Man, these things look beautiful. Reasonable price also Products | Howard Hegwer - Designs & Glass Work I did a search for any thread here on the forum and I didnt see any. Credit to Lemmy from Revzilla pointed to this site From 2017 Indian Springfield first ride review
  8. Mini Floorboards for Scout

    Indian Scout
    Warbonnet is introducing its new mini floorboards for the Scout. I have been testing and riding with different versions. I find these to be very comfortable. They are available now and come complete ready to install and use. www.IndianAftermarket,com
  9. Warbonnet Leather Grips

    Indian Scout
    Ok. I finally got the leather grips the way I want them. I am offering handle grip covers and lever covers. Right now the lever covers are free. Each set comes with and Indian Head nickel concho on the ends of the grips. You can use them as is or add accessories such as leather feathers or...
  10. Motorcycle Engine Performance Upgrades for the Novice

    Indian Scout Performance & Suspension
    Hello all! I'm looking to do some serious engine upgrades to my scout soon. I want to make my bike MINE and a stock Scout will not do. I am familiar with engines, and am a pretty good small engine mechanic, however this is my first motorcycle, so I am very new to this field. I already have the...
  11. Air Intake now available for Scout

    Indian Scout
    The Warbonnet Screaming Scout Intake is here! Check out product info at this link: Warbonnet Screaming Scout Intake | Indian Motorcycle Forum Add this intake to any of our available Dobeck Performance Stage 1 kits Let me know if you have any questions. -TuningHQ
  12. War Bonnet

    Indian Scout
    So does anyone else think that the Scout should have a War Bonnet on the front fender?...come on Polaris,REALLY!!!....OR at least make it part of the first run owners kit....How cool would that be!