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warbonnet fender light

  1. Dodged a Bullet

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    While riding in western NC last week I ran into some pretty good rain. During a gas stop I looked into the Indian head warbonnet and saw beads of water. Removed fender and war bonnet yesterday. Thank God I didn't find rust on the fender or plate. Still going to paint plate. While I have it...
  2. War Bonnet with LED Light Pictures

    Indian Chieftain
    Looking for pictures with a war bonnet installed on a Chieftain. Trying to figure out if I should leave the black gloss fender plain or add one.
  3. Warbonnet Fender Lights

    Indian Scout Sixty
    Does anyone know the difference between these Warbonnet Fender Lights? Aeromach - $40 Indian Charlotte - $60
  4. War bonnet fender light

    Indian Scout
    Thought I'd share this pic, This war bonnet light is a little smaller, and very detailed. Fits the stock front fender a little better IMO. I picked it up at the Indian Charlotte online store for around 50 bucks. Just waiting for my Klock Werks Klassic front fender and I should be good to go!
  5. Fender War Bonnet Light Discoloration

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    A few of us with older big twins have noticed that our war bonnet light on the fender appears brown. I bought a new lens from Howard Hegler and you can see what I found as I took it apart. The front of the lens had no sealant on it. Water and dirt was being forced in and causing the plate to...
  6. Front fender Light no work

    Indian Chieftain
    So I have looked around and found a few threads referencing the front fender light quit working but the only one that stated a reason was a poor fella whose wire was severed from some road debris and caused the circuit to short and blow the fuse which in turn caused the dash to stop working. My...
  7. Howard Hegwer’s Warbonnet lenses

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Man, these things look beautiful. Reasonable price also Products | Howard Hegwer - Designs & Glass Work I did a search for any thread here on the forum and I didnt see any. Credit to Lemmy from Revzilla pointed to this site From 2017 Indian Springfield first ride review
  8. War bonnet light

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    So today I'm riding home in stop and go traffic, and I notice in the reflection of the truck in front of me, no war bonnet light. I looked this up in the forums here and can only find 1 thread on it. Has anyone else had theirs to go out, and if so was it the LED or was it the wiring. Will the...
  9. War Bonnet

    Indian Scout
    So does anyone else think that the Scout should have a War Bonnet on the front fender?...come on Polaris,REALLY!!!....OR at least make it part of the first run owners kit....How cool would that be!