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  1. Southwest Indian Owners
    I was wondering, if anyone may have an OEM Bobber Rear Subframe and Fender they would be willing to sell, trade or otherwise. I have a 2017 Scout Sixty that I am attempting to carefully convert a little closer to the Bobber's rear style, which I LOVE!! I was Originally was searching high and...
  2. 1970's Indian Motorcycles
    Hey. Looking to part with my '73 Indian mm5a mini bike. I need to get a fair price for it and I don't know what to ask. Complete (except for gas cap) but I'm sure will need work to get running as it's been in storage 35 years. Advice is welcome.
  3. 1970's Indian Motorcycles
    I am looking for my 1972 Indian se74 that I purchased new from Mission Honda in El Toro, Ca in 1973.I made a mistake and sold it to a kid in the neighborhood in 1975.That was the last time I saw it. I did some research: His family divorced and the Bike was taken to Torrance,Los Angeles,Ca in...
1-3 of 3 Results