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voltage regulator

  1. 111 VOLTAGE REG. PRICE $$

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    So... I was taking my Honey to Barkhamstead Reservoir on a gorgeous late summer day when I realize my '17 Vintage is no longer charging! So I bring my Honey home and nurse it to the Indian dealer thinking it is probably the voltage regulator and a warranty item. It is chaos at the dealership...

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    Is it just my bad luck or are there issues with the Indian voltage regulator? My 2017 Chieftain has been trouble prone.Many other electrical issues, all repaired under warranty. The dealer replaced my voltage regulator about a year ago. I had another failure but the warranty has expired. I...
  3. Stuck on the Road

    Indian Chief Vintage
    Nice temps today so I took her out for a nice cruise and here I sit on RT. 101 just south of the Oregon Border with what appears to be a battery that is done with. Got a check engine for low voltage then she went into safe mode and would not throttle up. She's reading 11.3 volts and the starter...
  4. Recitfier issue (Yosemite Sam moment).. Thanks IMRG and Red Hills

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Scroll to bottom if you don't want the long version ... ----------------------------- On 12/28/2018, I was making a trip from Jax to south Alabama. It was raining heavily west of Tallahassee most of the day so I decided to stop at Red Hills Powersports (Indian Dealer in Tallahassee). I spent...
  5. 2017 Roadmaster Classic died on road

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    Today my 2017 Roadmaster classic just died on the highway. First the engine light came on then battery light. Got it to the shoulder. Tried to restart it it, dash came on, radio working, hit the start button and a pop noise heard in speakers and everything shuts dow. 994 miles on it. Towed to...
  6. Engine light flashing

    Thunder Stroke 111 Common Problems/Issues
    2017 RM issue I’m most certain this has been well addressed already but when I try searching the sight I get 961 pages of every post containing any of the letters I choose Engine light is flashing and voltage is way down If I run it after taking it off the tender it’s fine for awhile then I...
  7. 2017 CDH regulator?

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    New to indian but not polaris bought my new 2017 cdh in march. Absolutely love it after 5 years with my vic cc. I sm having an issue with my charging system it seems. Installed kuryakyn run brake lights, and added a few led accent lights. Accent lights were run off battery. On my way to work...
  8. Voltage Regulators

    Indian Chieftain
    Hey guys I'm looking for opinions. I have Chieftain and have been doing a lot of reading up. It appears that the Chieftains voltage regulators have a track record of going bad. Not isolated to a certain year but, all years. Talked to a guy that had his regulator replaced twice in three years...
  9. Charging issue.

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    My better half and I got stranded last Sunday. Battery started flashing, check engine light on and trying to get home, it started to lose power. Replace the battery as per dealers request,all under warranty. Stranded again with a new battery. Now our 2017 Chieftain with 7300 miles on it is in...
  10. 17 Elite Voltage Regulator

    Indian Chieftain
    Add mine to a growing list of 111 owners who have had a voltage regulator problem. I told them that I thought this was the problem when I got it towed to the dealership. (By the way, Indian Roadside assistance worked exactly as it was supposed to! Kudos to Indian.) I read on this forum later...
  11. 2017 Roadmaster Electrical Failure battery/regulator

    Indian Roadmaster
    On Saturday I planned a 225 mile ride to Daytona from South Florida. I headed out in the morning and while on the turnpike I noticed the battery light was flashing in red. I made my way of the turnpike and tried to get to the Indian dealer in Hobe Sound, Treasure Coast Indian. The dealer was...
  12. Electrical issues

    Indian Chief Classic
    I have a 2016 Chief Classic with 2350 miles. This year it has gone through 3 batteries and a voltage regulator. All have been covered under warranty but it has left me wondering if I should trade it for another brand before the warranty ends next June. Who else has had these issues?
  13. Another Voltage Regulator Failure

    Indian Chieftain
    This is my assumption of course and will verify when the dealer checks it out. Symptom is my charging voltage (quite suddenly) dropped to 11.9 volts. I charged the battery and it measured 12.7 volts (all reading taken at the battery). I started the bike and the voltage dropped to 11.9 even with...
  14. Can bad battery cause voltage regulator failure?

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I have been having some bad voltage readings this past week. One ride and all is fine. Another and reading go into 15's and display foes out or if sitting at stop light it goes down to the 13's. Right now I am on a ride. I went t15 miles and everything was reading nicely. Shut the engine off for...
  15. Voltage Regulator

    Thunder Stroke 111 Common Problems/Issues
    I have a 2015 Roadmaster and going on a 2000 mile trip. How much of a problem is the voltage regulator? Should I buy one to carry with me just in case???
  16. Dead on the side of the road with my RM

    Indian Roadmaster
    Heading up to Omaha from St. Louis to visit dad and take in the CWS with the girlfriend. Got 5 miles east of St. Joe on Hwy 36 and the RM started losing volts and then it shut down. Took all day Friday to get it back. Big St. Charles says it looks like its covered under the warranty. Big...
  17. Flashing battery light on dash

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    My wife and I got on the bike to go for a ride today and about 5 miles from house the battery symbol on the dash started flashing. I looked at dash and battery voltage was 11.3. I've never owned a bike with these bells and whistles before so I called my dealer. He says my battery could go dead...
  18. Voltage Regulator Kaput....

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    :(Just turned over 6000 miles and my voltage regulator took a dump. At least that's what it appears to be. Chieftain is on her way to OC Indian for a visit.... Hope this doesn't turn into a bigger issue
  19. Another voltage regulator...or maybe not?

    Thunder Stroke 111 Common Problems/Issues
    Out for a ride today and the radio and GPS started shutting off and on. Checked the voltage display and it read 11.9-12.1 volts except when the rpms got above 3k the it shot up to 14.4-ish. Got it home and checked the battery connections, both were tight. Battery read 12.2 on the meter. Now it's...
  20. High Voltage Error 2015 Vintage

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Riding today and my speedo stopped working. Looked down on my display and it read OV 18.2. The manual says that if the voltage remains over 15 volts for over 10 seconds, this will flash. This is the first issue I've had with my bike. The manual doesn't state why it is over 15 volts. Any ideas...