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  1. Indian Chief Vintage
    Just dropping the comment here because of the frustration I had finding a cable when mine snapped. 16" apes on a 14 Chief Vintage required a 74-1/4" cable from Barnett. It fits perfectly. I also zip cut a small piece off the sides of a ferrule at the engine end of the cable so I did NOT...
  2. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I bought a 2016 Vintage this spring. I have no use for the passenger backrest that came with it. The leather is in excellent condition as is the chrome. I see this item is over $900 from the dealer. I will sell this for $550. This includes shipping in the lower 48 states. I anticipate...
    $550 USD
  3. Want to Buy WTB

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Searching for one chrome brake lever. I only need the brake lever for a 2015 Vintage if anyone has one to spare. Thanks!
    $1 USD
  4. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Hey all, I had the dealer do stage 2 on my bike (20 Chieftain Classic) before picking it up so I have the stock 111 air cleaner and slip-on's in the box that have never been used. If interested send me a message with an offer. Buyer responsible for shipping as well. Local pickup available in...
  5. Indian Chief Vintage
    Hi! I'm having some battery drain problems with my Chief Vintage (model year 2018 and about 5000 miles on the clock). The bike is draining battery while sitting still and especially while driving it. With a fully charged battery, the bike runs for about 25 miles before voltage drops too low and...
  6. Indian Chief Vintage
    I am looking to purchase a tall Vintage windscreen. If you have upgraded and interested in selling your old windscreen please PM. Thanks
  7. Indian Chief Vintage
    I have and love my 2018 silver and thunder black vintage. The other night, I was following another vintage and was surprised by how hard the bike is to see at night on the highway when there are other cars ahead. that one taillight just gets lost. Have any of you done any mods to make the...
  8. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Hi Everyone! I have 6 Vintage Leather Indian Motorcycle Jackets for sale. All are Size Large! All in Great Vintage Worn Condition. Here is the first one up for sale! Vintage Express Leather Jacket (thinner spring jacket). One large Patch on reverse, Three Patches on front. Price is $250 OBO...
  9. Indian Roadmaster
    I just picked up a 2017 Roadmaster Classic in Indian red and cream. I know it's arguably the least functional touring bike with leather saddlebags and trunk that aren't waterproof, and don't lock, but I don't care. It's beautiful. And it's a natural upgrade from my Vintage, so now I have the...
  10. Motorcycle Riding Gear & Accessories
    Anyone have a line on a chrome dipstick that will fit a 2021 Vintage with a 111? I have seen some from kuryaken that would be perfect, but they all say they won't fit my bike. Is that a typo or will it really not fit?
  11. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Does anyone know what aftermarket apes (16") will fit on the 2018 Indian Chief Vintage? Carlini? L.A. Choppers? Wild 1's?
  12. Motorcycle Riding Gear & Accessories
    Was really grateful for all the information in this forum, so I thought I would post my results in case it helps anyone else. I did not make a "before" video, but there are plenty on this site if you want to hear the stock 111. However, I had the dealer install the high flow AC and Oval stage...
  13. Indian Chief Vintage
    would it be possible to modify the indian brand armrests to fit my indian brand backrest on my ‘15 Vintage Chief? The dealership wanted to sell me the trunk but it is already overpriced (plus the whole spool issue) just buying the armrests and pads is like $500. My wife wants the cup holder...
  14. Indian Chief Vintage
    Bought my bike in February and set about making it mine! Started by redoing the real leather seats and bags that came with it, and finally had it custom painted the way I always wanted it! I added the beads to the bags and really like the look! I'm really pleased with the way it turned out and...
  15. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I'm finally close to getting the Chief Vintage that I've been dreaming about for a long time now. There's a great deal on a new 2018 in my area, but it's sky blue and white - with stage 1 exhaust, passengers backrest and luggage rack, and the chrome upgrade for the engine. The blue is a nice...
  16. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    looking for: -Fuel gauge. -Speedometer. -Rear light assembly. - Driver backrest. If you have any of this for sale please send me a message with the price you asking. Thanks RM
1-16 of 82 Results