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viking bags
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  1. Indian Scout
    I recently purchased an installed Viking's XL lamellar shock cut-out saddlebags for my 2020 Scout. I went with the shock cut-out options not to make room for the shocks, but to make room for the belt guard. While I sacrificed a little bit of volume in the bags, the cut-outs allowed me to mount...
  2. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    SOLD!!!!! For Sale: Pair of Viking Lamellar Slanted Leather Hard Saddlebags - Had them on my CDH. Includes EZ Brackets (paid $156 for brackets + $539 bags + $100 spools) Willing to let everything go for $350.00. Bags were fine, held up, no issues. Come with mounting spools for Chief Dark Horse...
  3. Indian Scout
    These seem really nice. Wondering if anyone has purchased and installed them on their Scout? If so, any pics would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. I have the Hacker Mayhem full exhaust so clearance is not an issue at all, as the Mayhem exhaust tip is very low and short and does not even...
  4. Indian Scout
    Has anyone put either the Trianon or Odin Brown bags on? I did a search and couldn't find any posts of these two bags from Viking Bags. The pictures they show with them on do not look like they are actual pictures with the bags, rather superimposed edited pics. I like the Trianon, but I...
1-4 of 4 Results