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  1. Indian Scout Sixty
    I have a 2016 Scout Sixty, around 620 miles on it (dealer did the 500mi service). I was giving the bike a once-over after a ride today, and noticed on the front cylinder (right hand side) a small bit of oil weeping. Has anyone else had this happen? Did it get worse? I have had a few new bikes...
  2. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    Didn't know if i'm the only one who has ever had this happen so far, but search results didn't pull up anything. my bike only has 800 miles on it. its a 2016 vintage and has only seen a little rain once and it was wiped down immediately. but my rear rocker cover on the kickstand side is showing...
  3. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    So I was at a dealer the other week and saw these.... Got me thinking, they would look REALLY good on my Red/Black Classic... Before... After...
  4. Thunder Stroke 111 Common Problems/Issues
    A couple months ago I noticed dampness on the third fin on the front jug, if felt and smelled like oil. I took a rag and screw driver and soaked and cleaned as best as I could, assumed something got sprayed or caught in the fin and caramelized. Prior to the monsoon I'm riding to work everyday...
  5. Thunder Stroke 111 Guides & How-To's
    Has anyone seen another bike, other than customs, that's had the "valleys" in the valve covers blacked out? Here is a picture of Elnora for reference.
1-5 of 5 Results