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  1. Indian Motorcycle Pictures & Videos
    My review of the 116 Stage 3 kit after having it installed on my 2016 Chieftain and a quick pinto see how fast it is!
  2. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Loving my Dark Horse. Did stage one earlier this year, and looking at the next step. I figured I'd go ahead and purchase a PCV in preparation for stage two down the road. I stopped by the dealer to talk it over and the mechanic suggested I hold off. His opinion was that through, and including...
  3. Indian Scout
    Fun in the mud with Jordan Graham and our Mid Controls Make your bike clean up like the pros. Shop now — Products Archive - Evil Empire Designs —or call us! (725) 666-3700
  4. Indian Scout
    #1) A battery with at least 330 CCA ! what a difference. I no longer feel like i'm gonna get stranded somewhere. #2) Digital Dawg keyless system - saweeet simplicity. #3) Traxxion Dynamics suspension in the front and JRI shocks in the Back. #4) Michelin power commander tires less important...
  5. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    2016 Indian Chieftain Darkhorse here, in looking at the forum, and asking around, I am considering upgrading to Stage 2 Cams, Freedom True Duals in black, Air Cleaner, Fuel Tuner, Dyno, at the cost of roughly $3,400.00 installed. Now, I already have ordered some things for customizing my...
1-5 of 5 Results