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  1. Power Commander V for sale

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I have a brand new DynoJet Power Commander V for Indian Chief for sale. I bought it from Revzilla and have opened the box so they wont return it. Cost me $359 will sell for $300. My mistake your score. Will also consider trades, show me what you got. I have pictures. Contact me if...
  2. NIB Dynojet PCV for Scout SOLD

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
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  3. Would like some advice about Freedom Exhaust, possible intake.

    Indian Scout Performance & Suspension
    Hello, I recently purchased an Indian Scout 2017 ABS Icon. I also purchased Freedom Liberty 4 inch Slip on exhausts for a great price ($200) or at least I think it was a good price from a vendor in Indiana. I asked them if a tune was required. The customer service rep was not 100% sure, but...
  4. Power Vision CX - Wow!

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I bought a PV-CX for my 2015 Roadmaster from Fuel Moto. Those guys are absolutely awesome and do they know how to tune! I had the PCV installed and ran a few different maps but none of them ran like this tune I got from Fuel Moto. It took me forever to uninstall the PCV, it was more difficult...
  5. Well It's Official...We've Hit the 100 HP Mark

    Indian Scout
    You read that right, we have a 2015 Scout that has reached 100 HP (like it was originally claimed by Polaris to have done stock ;) ). Though, I say we, it was actually a fellow I know that's in my neck of the woods down here in Middle TN, I unfortunately do not get to claim that feat. After...
  6. EJK Fuel Controller Information

    Dobeck Performance
    Use this thread to post questions and comments about the EJK fuel solution. Below are links to EJK information for the Indian Scout EJK fuel controllers for Indian Motorcycles Installation of EJK on Indian Scout EJK for Indian Scout Product Page This page includes: Recommended EJK Base...