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  1. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Possibly stripped the thread on my fork tube.....don’t ask.... Looking for one side only, I assume they’re the same 15-17 Located in Los Angeles can pay for shipping
  2. Indian Chief Vintage
    Today was an adventure. Starts out good. Got to the destination. Time to leave and found my rear tire was going flat. Called Indian roadside assistance. On Saturday. We know we got to get it fixed ASAP. The DISPATCHER was curteous enough but they were lacking on information. Had to tell them the...
  3. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    Getting ready to order some new tires for the Chief and will be replacing the inner tubes as well. Not keen on paying the extortion fee to Indian for the tubes and wanted to know where others are purchasing theirs. The Indian site gives you the size for the rear tube but not where the valve is...
1-3 of 3 Results