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  1. Indian Scout Sixty
    Hi Everyone, I have just purchased my first Indian; a used 2017 Scout 60. It has 1800 miles over three years (I have original BoS) so I would consider that low miles. It is in excellent condition and has had some nice modifications from what I can tell; Trask Performance Air Filter and Trask 3”...
  2. Indian Scout Performance & Suspension
    Hello everyone, Dealer charging $520 for Indian performance intake and $150 for install....does this sound right? I found the intake for $105 on Amazon. What the the difference between the Indian and Trask intake...which one is better?
  3. Indian Scout
    Hi everyone, I finally found the document showing my recent results for the Dyno run testing. When the test was done I had installed a Trask Air Intake, and V&H Grenades full exhaust.
  4. Indian Scout Sixty
    Hey all, I am sure this has been covered on here feel free to berate me for asking. I just purchased a 2018 Scout Sixty and the first thing I am doing is replacing the exhaust with the Bassani 2 into 1 (in the process of installing now). I was also debating putting the Trask high...
  5. Indian Motorcycle Builds
    I posted a while back that I was having some issues with my bike starting after I installed some mods (PCV, Exhaust, Intake). A buddy of mine was able to fit me into his schedule at his shop and he finally got her running. The sound is amazing. The current setup so far is Vance and Hines...
1-5 of 5 Results