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  1. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Anyone have any experience with getting Indian to reimburse towing costs? Took my 3 month old 21 Challenger with 2,000 miles on a ride and got a check engine light and the bike is in limp mode away from home. Tried and checked everything I’m capable of and now its going to cost me $800 to tow it...
  2. Indian Chief Vintage
    All right gents. I have a 2015 NDN Chief Vintage. I have been looking for a rear shock adjustment tool/spanner (the correct one!) since i bought this two-wheeled pain in the ass and I cannot find one. Yes, I have already made a wrench from my own wrenches, and no, I am not interested in...
  3. Trikes, Sidecars and Trailer Conversions
    I was wondering if anyone could help me find a hitch, or if anyone just had any general advice for me. I was thinking of trying to tow a small trailer with my 2018 Indian Scout, but I guess the market for that is too small to support any supplies for the bike. Does anyone know of any companies...
  4. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Just FYI, if you are considering purchasing the IMRG membership after the free first year, because they offer roadside assistance, you should know that I attempted to utilize their service today, to transport my bike for a flat tire. Luckily I was able to get the motorcycle home while the rear...
1-4 of 4 Results