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  1. Touring set up options for Chieftain

    Indian Chieftain
    I just finally got the Chieftain Classic I've been wanting for a year. Now I'm trying to determine the best set-up for touring. I'm coming from a Deluxe that was set up with large custom saddlebags and cavernous tour pak. I'm looking for ideas/examples (pictures please) of what others have...
  2. Transition: Cruiser to Tourer

    Indian Scout
    Hi. I've had my 2018 Scout since last August, but just found this site. I bought the Scout after being hit on the my BMW R1200 RT. Before that was mostly Harleys... the Heritage model because I'm short. After the accident I made a bargain with my wife that I would get a shorter, lighter...
  3. Thoughts and Opinions on the Venerable Chief Vintage: The Best of Both Worlds

    Indian Chief Vintage
    I am coming up on two years of ownership of my 2017 Chief Vintage. I researched the Indian lineup for months and came to the conclusion that this level of bike best represented the brand, both in history and in style. I finally settled on the red and ivory two-tone combination and went down to...
  4. Indian Scout Bobber - what is your longest ride so far?

    Indian Scout
    Hi all, Curious, what is the longest ride you've managed to do on a Scout Bobber so far? Did you do it on a stock or prep'ed it somehow (i.e. custom seat, better shocks, etc). In general, do you think Bobber is adoptable for long distance, or would it be a waste of money and its look to use it...
  5. British Columbia to Utah – 3,115 Miles in 7 Days on an Indian Scout 60

    Indian Scout Sixty
    May 25th marked the end of my 1st year riding street. That morning I woke up 1300 miles from home in Glenns Ferry, ID, gearing up for the final 2-day sprint back to BC on what I referred to in May 2017 as my dream bike, a 2018 Indian Scout 60. My father introduced me to the Indian Scout last...
  6. Touring On Your Scout

    Indian Scout Sixty
    Is any one going on long tours with their Scout? Love to see some pictures you have it set up, where you are going, how it is with two up on a long multi day ride. How you load it up for a long tour? Is your passenger comfortable? I love my Scout....really want to tour with it.
  7. Ideas for your next road trip...

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Looking for a reason (i.e..,excuse) to get the Indian out on the pavement? Post 'em here to inspire the Tribe. I recently came across this: The Michigan Store That’s In The Middle Of Nowhere But So Worth The Journey
  8. Brand New Black Teton Leather Motorcycle Jacket By Vanson

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    This classic jacket offers plenty of room, plenty of storage, and a slew of hidden options. The front chest flap pockets both function and can be pulled up to reveal mesh panels underneath! The bottom flap pockets are externally applied and hide hand pockets behind them. Two internal pockets...
  9. Arnott Introduces Ultimate Ride Kits for '14-'17 Indian Cruisers, Baggers, and Touring

    Arnott Inc.
    Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension -- the leader in True Onboard Adjustable Air Suspension kits for motorcycles -- announces the introduction of height adjustable FOX® Air Suspension Systems for the 2014 to 2017 Indian® Cruisers, Baggers, and Touring lines of motorcycles. The Indian® motorcycle...
  10. Camping and Touring on the Scout / 60 ... diatribe, I'm bored

    Indian Scout
    Camping on an Indian Scout / Scout 60: If you read the comments about the Scout, you can be struck by the conflicting perceptions of what a Scout is. What is its place in the Universe? Is it a Light Cruiser? Is it a Mid Size Sport shaped like a Cruiser? Is it a Heavyweight first bike? Is it a...
  11. Looking for used (clean) Desert Tan Genuine Leather Touring Passenger Seat

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    One of these...the wider model.... If anyone has one they do not want I'm interested if the price is right. I have the narrow one but it's okay for a run to the shops and that's it... PM me if you do. Many thanks! Andrew [happy]
  12. Scout 60 touring Scotland

    Indian Scout Sixty
    At last, I've done some serious distance on the Scout 60, touring Scotland with some friends: 1,296 miles in 5 days, doing between 232 and 316 miles a day, and spending between 5 and 6 1/2 hours in the saddle per day. We had sunshine. We had rain. Two of the five dropped out during the trip...
  13. Close-up details on the Springfield plus small Ride Review

    Indian Springfield
    The Springfield has been a very anticipated model here at the dealership. We knew somewhere along the line Indian had to come out with at least an option to put hard bags on a Classic or Vintage style Chief. It was something that people were asking for and we passed that feedback up to the guys...
  14. SOLD - Tan Heated Touring Seat (Chief, Roadmaster fit)

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Sold I bought a used 2015 Vintage in OCT 2015. It came with a Tan Heated Touring Seat. While extremely comfy, I am more of a solo saddle rider. The bike had 600 miles on it when I bought it and the seat was pulled at 1000 miles. The date of the seat part number sticker is "09/14", so I have...