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touring on a scout
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    Straight to the point: Do I think the Scout makes a great touring bike for one? Yes Do I think the Scout makes for a great touring bike for two? No… Well maybe with some caveats. Read on. I recently bought a 2017 Indian Scout. One of the bikes I have always dreamed of. As a single person bike...
  2. NSW Tour Scout (17).jpg

    Nothing like the surprise fun of a dirt road through a national forest
  3. Indian Scout Sixty
    Scout riders with the right seat like the Corbin Duel seat and the correct suspension how is the Scout for riding distances or touring with 2 up? With 999 cc it certainly should have all the power. i remember when if you had a 450 cc or 650 ccit was a big bike. haha
1-4 of 4 Results