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  1. B57668A7-4075-42C4-A0C7-DFDA64B5CC81.jpeg

    Glenn Curtiss Museum in Hammondsport, NY
  2. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Does anyone know what TS111 year/models do not have TPMS stock? I asked Indian, who was less than helpful.
  3. Indian Chieftain
    I was looking at my dash, and it said my rear tire PSI (when fully warmed) was running at 50PSI. I'm not sure if the pressure should be THAT high when warmed up or, if it's a faulty TPMS reading?
  4. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    I have a 2016 Roadmaster and want to put a 21" wheel on the front. I like the TPS feature on the bike. So my questions are: 1) Is the TPS attached to the valve stem 2) Can I take it off of the old wheel and put it on the new one?
1-4 of 4 Results