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  1. Iron Indian Riders (IIRA) Reunion 2019- Hill Country, TX

    Indian Motorcycle Events
    Been in the works for many months now. As we get closer, putting the info out for those that may not be a member of the IIRA but would like to attend.
  2. New from North Texas

    New Member Introduction Forum
    i just bought an Indian Scout after being away from riding for many years. I’m looking forward to learning to ride safely again. I’m looking forward to the adventure and making new friends. I know the scout isn’t a touring bike but how far could I take her safety on a long trip?
  3. To all my fellow Texans!!

    Off-Topic Discussion
    To all my fellow Texans, especially you guys and gals in the southern part of the state. Stay safe and travel north for a few days. Get the hell out of there till that hurricane moves on or dies out. This also goes out to anyone in the path of that thing, leave while you can.
  4. Houston, Texas - Women Riders

    New Member Introduction Forum If you are an experienced female rider and ready for the WMC level of commitment, contact us at [email protected] We'll be happy to set up a time so that we can all meet each other. Please put Sisters Eternal in the subject line so we'll be sure not...