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  1. 2019 bobber tail light wiring?

    Indian Scout
    Has anyone changed the tail lights on your 2019 bobber? Clearly they are wired different than the 18. I have joker machine dual rat eye tails and got an intensifier to run both lights at the same time as the driving, blinker, and brake light but it uses ground signal for the blinker and not...
  2. Looking Inside The Tail Light Assembly

    Indian Scout
    Howdy, I'd really like more light from the tail light assembly. I understand it is a bunch of LEDs on a CAN Bus device. So, has anyone successfully hacked the tail light, or cut one open and taken pictures, or probed around with an oscilliscope? Thanks for the help!
  3. Tail light switcheroo

    Indian Scout
    Hey everyone. I hate the front and rear signals on the bike so I'll be swapping out the front for the Joker Machine Dual rat eyes which seems easy enough, and then for the rear, I found a tail light with turn signals that will mount under the rear fender (it's a bobber). For those of you that...
  4. Chieftain Chrome Strut Covers & Rear Tail Light Assembly

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Selling from my 2017 Chieftain: -Chrome Strut Covers $60 including shipping including shipping to lower 48 -Chrome Tail light assembly and turn signals $75 including shipping to lower 48 All parts are clean, no scratches that I've seen. Could easily be powder coated to black if you wanted.
  5. Tail light LED burned out

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    Hello All, My check engine light came on my 2014 Chief Vintage. I pulled the code and it was 520321, 4. I looked it up and it was a tail light issue. So.... I go to look at the tail light and lo, and behold, a single LED on the bottom row is burned out. The rest of the tail light LEDs are...
  6. Tail light/Brake light help

    Indian Scout
    Okay. I'm working on a project, and am trying to get the tail light assembly off. The third nut is behind the large modular connector attached up and behind the license plate. That's a hateful effing location, and I don't want to try to remove it without getting the wiring out of my way...
  7. AdMore Lighting light bar

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  8. LED Lamp Below Trunk

    Indian Roadmaster
    I'm into being seen by the door slamming, cell phone junky, knuckleheads, BEFORE they ram into me from behind. How about finding an auxiliary lamp assembly that fits in the rectangular space below the trunk, above the tail light? At 9.75" x 1.5" it's the perfect place for a nice bright LED...
  9. Taillight removal and replacement

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    Someone backed into my bike and broke my taillight. No other damage thank God, but Indian doesn't just sell the red plastic taillight cover. It's all one unit, so she had to give me over $200 so I could order a replacement. Anyway, now that I've got it, I'm not sure how to remove the old one...