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  1. FTR 1200 S Suspension

    Indian FTR1200
    I recently bought a 2019 FTR S. I really like the power and handling, however the suspension is overly harsh. Has anyone found a solution for that? I know that there are damper adjustments, but even full out the compression damping feels too stiff to me. Ideas? Also, if there is someone who has...
  2. Rear Shock Absorber Spring

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    The shock absorber springs for the Thunder Stroke models are supplied to the OEM by Eibach. UTV ATV Moto Coilover Race Springs & Accessories | Eibach Springs Each spring has a series of numbers on it that indicates it's length, inside dimension and spring rate. It looks like a phone number...
  3. DarkScout Suspension Review

    Indian Scout Performance & Suspension
    I recently purchased and fitted the Darkscout Suspension Kit from Prop Engineering in Australia. I did the rear springs myself and had the front springs and oil professionally done at a local motorcycle suspension specialist. I thought I would do an in-depth review and follow up with a Youtube...
  4. mono shock for a scout

    Indian Scout
    Is a mono shock design in the Scout's future or is this just a rumor?
  5. Scout Bobber suspension

    Indian Scout Performance & Suspension
    Currently looking at the Scout Bobber but the suspension, to me, seems very stiff. Any recommendations on aftermarket suspension that will fit? Have any people replaced their stock suspension on the bobber? Thanks.
  6. Help adjusting suspension

    Indian Scout
    Before i go out and drop $1000 on a new setup can anything be done to ease the ride on my scout? Im 145lbs and it feels like I'm feeling every pebble and divit in the road. The rear suspension is set to the factory recommended length, but does not compress at all when I sit on the bike @[email protected]
  7. Height challenged seeks help

    Thunder Stroke 111 Performance & Suspension
    I have a 2017 chieftain. In addition to the reach seat, I was given three options to lower it in hopes of flat footing it. 1. Adjustable shock 2. Lowering link 3. Air ride Option 3 not in the budget I went with option 1 the Arlen Ness adjustable shock preload to the shortest and 0...
  8. Back in the Lab, witha pen and a pad. (Plus a lathe and mill)

    Indian Scout
    As many here know, I'm a little bit of performance/feature/adjustment junky. I have mentioned my dismay to that aspect when it come to a lack of features when it comes to American bikes.. so many completely overlook this, many forget to realize that often, performance bits can when used...
  9. Scout 60 suspension

    Indian Scout Sixty
    I'm one of those who has found the Scout 60 suspension entirely adequate. Nevertheless, I'm going to try some Bullit shocks this week, and I have progressive fork springs on order. My hope for the shocks in that they may keep the rear wheel on the ground more firmly over bumpy corners, and so...
  10. Fork Oil Qty

    Prop Engineering
    Fork Oil Qty (1ltr off fork oil required) Fork oil Qty will be determined by the air gap, (160mm) and the following procedure will be undertaken, this is the same procedures for all telescopic type motorcycle forks. Drain old fork oil from the motorcycle forks allow to sit for 30 min in the...
  11. Fox Shocks for Scout

    Indian Scout
    I know suspension is a topic that has been beaten to death, but I did a query and did not see much discussion or reviews on the FOX shocks for our Scout. I have been reading post after post and although I would like to get the OHLINS or RACE-TECH, I am concerned my now on order 'Viking Lamellar...
  12. Rear Suspension switch.

    Indian Scout Guides and How-To's
    By request, and observation of some folks on the forum, newer to the motorcycle world hesitant to unleash the scouts great potential by doing a suspension swap I will give a quick run through of the switch, As it relates to a swap that has a different over all length shock (most are). For...
  13. Dark Scout Boingers

    Indian Scout
    Hey folks. I finally got around to getting my Dark Scout classic suspension kit on my bike, and got to give her a good flogging.. First thing to say, I'm pretty Damn sure I've waited longer in line at McDonalds for a McDub, then I had to wait for the kit to come from the other side of the globe...
  14. Suspension upgrade

    Indian Scout Performance & Suspension
    I am considering purchasing a Scout. Comfort for 4 hour rides with break every hour is the key goal. I have back problems. I don't mind upgrading the suspension. I have heard good things about Ikon. But what is the process for ordering the shocks? Can I install it without raising the bike on a...
  15. Scout 60 running well

    Indian Scout Sixty
    I've been away on a conference for a couple of days, so this was the first time I'd left the Scout 60 out at night. Each evening there was thick condensation on the bike which had frozen solid by the morning, but had thawed by lunchtime. I had read about problems others have had starting the...
  16. How to Do Video's on suspension setup's

    Prop Engineering
    Setting riders sag This is a standard way of setting your riders sag for any motorcycle, the principles are the same regardless if it's a dirt bike, race bike or road bike. Head Shake In this video Dave Moss explains some of the reasons of head shake that is due to incorrect rider sag and...
  17. Installing Progressive fork spring

    Prop Engineering
    Front Suspension So let look at the front suspension and how we can set up to perform a whole lot better than what the factory has provided you and us scout riders with. First of all the OEM fork spring is 5 to 12 N/mm with an 80mm pre-load spacer under this set up, the front forks will bottom...
  18. JRi shocks for the Scout

    Indian Scout Performance & Suspension
    JRi Shocks Single Adjustable Shocks For Indian Scout 2015-2016 just saw these today 11/29/2015 anybody using these?
  19. Head Shake/Tank Slpper

    Indian Scout
    Many scout owners at some point have experienced this in one form or other, and has been called speed wobbles, head shake or tank slapper and can be identified where the handle bars feel like they would rip from your hands, after hitting a pore section or a bump in the roads surface, resoling in...