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  1. 2016 Silver Smoke MasterChief !! $16,000 Michigan

    Indian Motorcycles For Sale / Wanted
    Yes, I made up my own model. You can’t buy a Roadmaster in silver smoke so I made one. This is a one owner, low mileage, never laid down - 17,200 miles, Indian Chieftain with an extended service contract good through April 2021. The upgrade list is below and is extensive, let’s just say over...
  2. stage 2 cams for sale $100 plus shipping.

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I have a set of stage 2 cams for sale. They only have about 1500 miles on them. I had them installed on my 2016 RM in the fall Sept of 2018 and then when I put my bike in storage in Nov of 2018 I up graded to the BBK. I do not have a flash card.
  3. Perfect amount of power?!

    Thunder Stroke 111 Performance & Suspension
    Hi All, I recently got myself an Indian Springfield Dark Horse and after a few weeks of ownership I had to start working on it. At this stage I’ve upgraded: - Air cleaner from OTB Voodoo - Indian Stage 2 Exhaust - Lloyd’s 585 cams - stage 3 valve springs - High performance clutch - PV3 tune...
  4. Any issues with getting pre-owned cams installed?

    Thunder Stroke 111 Performance & Suspension
    I am entertaining the thoughts of getting cams, and am considering pre-owned ones, or possibly new ones. My question is whether or not anyone has received any pushback with getting used cams installed by a dealership, or had any discussion of used Indian cams affecting a warranty on the work...
  5. Stage 2 Cams

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    My Roadmaster is Stage 3 now. Anyone want the Stage 2 Cams that came out? $250
  6. Stage 2 cams

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Looking for a take out set of stage 2 cams for tuning purposes. PM me is you have a set for sale.
  7. 2016 Dark Horse Parts for Sale

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    1. Complete stock (header, shields & mufflers) exhaust (all chrome) 2. Stage 1 Black Mufflers with Black Six Shooter Tips 3. Stock Black Mirrors 4. Stock front Wheel & Tire assembly 5. Stock Black Handlebars 6. Stock driver floorboard inserts 7. Stock passenger pegs 8. Stock (Matte Black) Air...
  8. Dyno Numbers

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Does anyone have a real world dyno sheet for a 2016 Chieftain with the Stage2 cams, Rush exhaust, Indian Performance Intake/Air Cleaner, and Indian Performance ECU Flash? I just had all this done and, man-o-man, does it make a difference! I'm too busy riding to go get a dyno, and was just...
  9. 2016 Springfield Stage II PCV Autotune Idling

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    Nearly done with my bike...I love it! Just over 1000 miles, so far I've spent most of my time modding and tuning. Now to ride!!!!
  10. Stage 2 Cams - Love 'em or Hate 'em? or somewhere in between?

    Thunder Stroke 111 Performance & Suspension
    So I have about 6,000 miles on my '16 Dark Horse - I picked it up from the dealer with the Stage 1 already done on it. I have been seriously considering the Stage 2 Cams upgrade, but have seen both positive and negative feedback on them. They have been out for awhile now and quite a few of you...