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stage 2 cams

  1. 2016 Silver Smoke MasterChief !! $16,000 Michigan

    Indian Motorcycles For Sale / Wanted
    Yes, I made up my own model. You can’t buy a Roadmaster in silver smoke so I made one. This is a one owner, low mileage, never laid down - 17,200 miles, Indian Chieftain with an extended service contract good through April 2021. The upgrade list is below and is extensive, let’s just say over...
  2. Stage 2 cam Install

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    I have been looking for a decent video on the Install of stage 2 cams. I looked on youtube and found a 49 second clip that the person who took it didn't even know how to hold the camera. Can anyone direct me to a good video on this? I did find a cam tool, I have to find out the cost of it and...
  3. Stage 2 Performance Cams - Are they Worth It?

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    Getting ready to order my 2017 Chieftain and I'm wondering about adding the Stage 2 Performance Cams along with the Stage 1 Exhaust. Am I asking for trouble or is this setup ready for prime time? Also, for those of you who may have added this to a new bike purchase, does the advertised...
  4. CAMs - HELP! deceleration not smooth

    Thunder Stroke 111 Common Problems/Issues
    Have the stage 2 cams. Had a Dobeck EJK installed at the same time. When I decelerate, there is a define spot where it is no longer "smooth". A point where it drops off and engine braking begins. I was NOT LIKE THIS BEFORE CAMS. If I decelerate in a curve it gets to be almost scary. I...
  5. Vintage dyno results 87 hp 114 torque

    Indian Chief Vintage
    I have a 15 vintage with stage 1 exhaust and intake with 6 shooter tips. stage 2 cams with pc5. got a dyno today and they got me to 87 HP with 114 torque. I am extremely happy with these results and am curious what others have achieved with this set up, I still got 47 mpg on a freeway ride the...
  6. Dobeck and stage 2

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    Just got my "you paid $650 to make your bike sound like it's going to stall out??" Cams installed, along with a dobeck ejk. Having trouble getting the settings juuuust right. I've dialed down the green to one, and it got me close. Still seems "bumpy" if I slow accelerate from 0-10. I have...
  7. First impressions after cam install

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Rode my Vintage (2014) for the first time with Stage 2 cams. Bike has cams, Indian slip-ons with six-shooters, and Indian big sucker. No processor at this time, just factory flashes. Noticeably stronger off idle. Started in 2nd gear once by mistake, bike didn't even notice. Jumped on it a...
  8. Roadmaster with stage II cams (sound check)

    Indian Roadmaster
    For those that are curious about what the cams with a tune, freedom true duals (straight pipes)and heavy breather intake sound like, here you go. The numbers are lower Than I thought.. But still pretty quick off the line.
  9. Stage 2 and valve train noise?

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    I know there are many that have had the stage 2 cams installed so my question for you is did you notice any change in valve train noise? Better, worse, same, never heard it before or after? Is the performance gain worth the cost?