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  1. How to quiet stage 1 exhaust

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Just got to Germany and my 2018 Roadmaster will be here shortly. It has cams and stage 1 exhaust and I dont believe I will pass the 95db inspection requirement. Anyone have any luck finding a quieter baffle insert tip or any other trick to pass inspection? Yes, quite sounds wrong but I will go...
  2. Sold: Scout Stage 1 pipes

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Hello. Put some dean speed pipes on my 2015 scout, and now have the Indian stage 1 taking up space. Been on for 3 years and about 10000 miles. Cat drilled out, but plugs still intact. No rust. Thinking $250 plus shipping from Tacoma, wa. Anybody looking?
  3. Stage 1 Pipes.... Performance Air Cleaner?

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I just did the Stage 1 pipes and it sounds great. Not too loud when cruising, but has a nice roar when you get on the throttle. Considering the Performance Air Cleaner, but have a little concern about how loud it will be. I'm interested in more performance not volume (California has a lot of...
  4. PVCX: Tuning Stage 1 Chief

    Thunder Stroke 111 Guides & How-To's
    Looking at the VE Correction Table, I am wondering how to get into higher load to populate those cells. Looking at the VE Compare Table, I am wondering if more datalogging is required to fine tune. Input is welcome.
  5. Am I Alone?

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    We all like to think of ourselves as rugged individualists, right? My wife tells me that I'm one of a kind, but sometimes I'm not sure if she's saying that as a compliment. But am I alone in the desire to ride a motorcycle that has a reasonably quiet exhaust note? I've been riding since 1971...
  6. For Sale Stage 1 Exhaust w/ Six Shooter Tips

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    These came off my 2017 Roadmaster they have a couple of small scrapes on the bottom of the tips which are not visible when on the bike . $500 plus shipping . Thanks!
  7. Increased Idle RPM After Throttle Body Update

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    As almost everyone does, since I've gotten my bike (2015 Indian Chief Vintage) I've made several updates and improvements. Freedom Performance True Duals, Wimmer high flow air cleaner, Power Commander 5 (PCV), and, most recently, 60mm throttle body. After putting on the new throttle body my...
  8. Indian Stage I pipes for a Chief or Vintage

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I have a set of Indian Stage I pipes for a Chief or Vintage. I was going to just hang onto them but should someone have a use for them more so than I, I can part with them.
  9. Gas Mileage after a stage 1

    Indian Scout Sixty
    I was wondering the difference between the gas mileage on your Indian 60 before and after a stage 1 and a flash not a dyno. I love getting over 50 mpg and I read that the stage 1 power if felt in the higher RPM ranges. I rarely hit those high rpm's in normal riding. Curious to know the...
  10. California Scout Owners Doing a Stage 1

    Indian Scout Sixty
    I bought a 2017 Indian Scout in Feb. I now have 500 miles on my bike. I have considered a stage one kit but with the crack down and tight restrictions in California I am finding it difficult. After Vance Hines was fined 500,000. for sale of restricted exhausts in California most other companies...
  11. 1st time Indian owner

    New Member Introduction Forum
    Hey everybody! Was gonna wait til summer to buy, but they had a great sale on Veterans Day that I couldn't pass up. After being on nothing but Harleys for the past 35 years, I wish I would have switched sooner. I feel that dollar for dollar this is a much better machine. I was looking to do a...
  12. Aftermarket exhaust recommendations for 2018 Roadmaster

    Indian Roadmaster
    Looking for advice from owners who have replaced the stock exhaust with aftermarket pipes, air filter and/or fuel commanders. Stage 1 doesn't seem loud enough, Bassani looks great, but the price is ridiculous ! I've heard Vance and Hines, they sounded pretty good, but just not sure yet. I'm...
  13. Upgrade progression

    Indian Dark Horse
    Howdy. So, to start I'm more tech inclined that auto, but learning. That being said, Im looking for feedback concerning upgrade order of operations. Next spring I'm going to do a stage one one my '17 Chief DH. Don't yet know if I'll go beyond that, or if so, when. So, my question. I've had...
  14. Indian Scout Stage 1 Exhaust for sale

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Im selling my Stage 1 Scout slip on's for $600 obo. these are great pipes and they sound awesome, i only had them on my scoutt for about 500 miles so they're in great condition. Shoot me a text if your interested (631)4800248 and reference this post. I can send you more pictures if you'd like.
  15. Scout Stage1 Exhaust for sale

    Motorcycle Riding Gear & Accessories
    Im selling my Stage 1 Scout slip on's for $600 obo. these are great pipes and they sound awesome, i only had them on my scoutt for about 500 miles so they're in great condition. Shoot me a text if your interested (631)4800248 and reference this post. I can send you more pictures if you'd like.
  16. Exhaust option vs Stage 1

    Indian Scout Performance & Suspension
    I actually like the tone and the "volume" of the Indian Stage 1 slip-ons. I don't love the co$$$t. Suggestion as to an aftermarket slip-on that would be similar in dB level? I'm studying the options that folks have chosen, but thought I'd pose the question. Please include whether your pipes...
  17. Arlen Ness Torque Box Intake for Scout

    Dobeck Performance
    Dobeck Performance is now offering the Arlen Ness Torque Box Intake for the Scout. This is one of the top performing intakes available for the Scout. Retail price: $149.95 AN Torque Box Intake and EJK: $325 You can add this intake to any Stage 1 kit for an additional $125 Features: The Arlen...
  18. Custom Exhaust help!

    Indian Scout Performance & Suspension
    Hello again! I'm soon to be getting my biked tuned with the PCV and the Hartzell Intake, now my only weak point will be the exhaust! I was unfortunately quick to jump the gun while there weren't many aftermarket options, and I chose to go with the Stage 1s from Indian. While I like the sound of...
  19. Aeromach Stage 1 Kits - Aeromach Slip-on Exhaust w/ EJK fuel controller

    Dobeck Performance
    Our Stage 1 kits for the Indian Scout include the Aeromach slip-on exhaust and our EJK fuel solution. These kits have been tested on our Axis Dyno to provide an optimal EJK tune up for your exhaust. Aeromach Highway Hawk Stage 1 Kits Black Straight Slip-ons w/ Chrome Tips: $829 Black Slash Cut...
  20. Air Intake now available for Scout

    Indian Scout
    The Warbonnet Screaming Scout Intake is here! Check out product info at this link: Warbonnet Screaming Scout Intake | Indian Motorcycle Forum Add this intake to any of our available Dobeck Performance Stage 1 kits Let me know if you have any questions. -TuningHQ