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  1. Gauge lights

    Indian Springfield
    I know I’m not the only one who has trouble seeing the gauges on the Springfield at night because of the red background light, I pulled the gauge off the bike to see if I could change the bulbs but it’s a sealed unit. Anyone know if there’s a way to change the light color? I don’t want to crack...
  2. Road Glide Special to Springfield Dark Horse

    Indian Springfield
    Hey all, Just wondering if anyone here has went from a full fairing bike (Road Glide Special, in my case) to the Springfield (normal or DH). I have a 2019 Road Glide Special and was thinking about trading it in for the 2020 SDH in Sagebrush. Just want to know if anyone has any pros/cons they...
  3. Springfield OEM take off parts

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Various OEM stock take off parts from 2016 Indian Springfield, will fit different years and models, check your fitment before purchase. Mark 541-914-one-four-eight-two. Email [email protected] Located in San Diego. Stock headlight, dual Halogen 2412821 $50 Stock driving light bulbs...
  4. FS-Springfield Seat-Like New $125

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Like New used hours only if that.. This was from my 2017 Springfield. Asking $125 OR best offer Thanks
  5. Perfect amount of power?!

    Thunder Stroke 111 Performance & Suspension
    Hi All, I recently got myself an Indian Springfield Dark Horse and after a few weeks of ownership I had to start working on it. At this stage I’ve upgraded: - Air cleaner from OTB Voodoo - Indian Stage 2 Exhaust - Lloyd’s 585 cams - stage 3 valve springs - High performance clutch - PV3 tune...
  6. It was great but...

    Indian Springfield
    It wasn't a decision I made lightly but I had to trade my Springfield. The bike was a fantastic ride at almost any speed and was quite easy for my to handle in any scenario, despite its weight. Unfortunately, the quality was a bit of an issue to me from the start and some of my problems started...
  7. Custom S&S Air Cleaner Cover

    Indian Springfield
  8. Hello from Baton Rouge

    New Member Introduction Forum
    Hi there! New to the site (though I have read a few before). I was the proud owner of a '15 Scout, but traded it in over Memorial Day weekend for a metallic jade/thunder black '19 Springfield. I love, love, love this bike! I like to do some cruising as well as run around town and the...
  9. WTB Springfield OEM Handlebars - No Longer Needed

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Looking to see if anybody has a set of takeoff Springfield handlebars. Trying to find something more comfortable for my vintage. I had a set of Springfield bars once, but they bothered my wrist. I'm thinking I didn't give it enough time trying them out (different positions up/down). I...
  10. Indian Extended reach Rogue Seat & backrest?

    Motorcycle Riding Gear & Accessories
    I have a 2018 Springfield with the extended reach Rogue seat and would like a backrest. I did a couple quick searches on this forum and didn't turn up anything. Does anyone know if installing a backrest with an extended reach seat is possible? The backrest mount provided by Indian only claims...
  11. Mustache Bar for sale or trade (TRADED)

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    For $300 I am selling my mustache bar, with hardware, that came stock on my 2018 Springfield. Indian Motorcycle Company charges $610 for this item new. I am also willing to trade for a regular engine guard so long as it fits my 2018 Springfield and has an undamaged chrome finish. PayPal is the...
  12. Trunk

    Indian Springfield
    Has anyone bought a trunk for Springfield? How does it look and feel? Does it affect the handling? We have to wear a helmet here in Europe and it would be so nice to put it to trunk when off the bike. Also easier to put in stuff when travelling etc. I had a trunk on my small Ducati and it was great!
  13. Advanced class with Springfield

    Indian Springfield
    Anyone know of an advanced class that would let me 'rent' a springfield? Currently riding a scout, would like to learn to handle (or not) a springfield before i spend the money on the upgrade.
  14. For Sale: Springfield Dark Horse Parts

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Selling the following either together as a package or separately. - Gloss black mustache highway bar $250 - Gloss black rear highway bars $250 - Gloss black stock 2018 Springfield handlebars $100 These were pulled off a 2018 Springfield Darkhorse. These are in brand new condition, pulled...
  15. Springfield with trunk CHK ENG code 0520299 6

    Indian Springfield
    I have a Springfield with a Indian trunk installed (from a Roadmaster). If I press the saddlebags/trunk lock switch when I drive, I get the CHK ENG code 0520299 6. CHK ENG led doesn't lit, but the error is seen on the LED display when I use the toggle button. There is no error code if I press...
  16. Changing tank badging to larger Springfield emblem

    Indian Scout Guides and How-To's
    I'm not crazy about the stock Scout badging and was considering changing it out for the larger Indian script from the Springfield. I'm sure the tank curve is different; has anyone here done this? How difficult is it to adjust the tank curve? Thanks in advance
  17. *SOLD* Gel pad/memory foam upgraded stock Dark Horse Seat

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Okay, here is the story: I took a bunch of upholstery classes at the local community college and reupholstered all of my living room and dining room furniture. A couple years later, I used these upholstery skills and upgraded my stock Dark Horse seats with 3/8" gel pad inserts and 1/2" memory...
  18. 2015 Roadmaster starter troubles

    Indian Roadmaster
    I have a 2015 Roadmaster with some starter issues. I bought it last August with only 810 miles on it. Sitting just shy of 10K now. I started to throw the SPN 520262 FMI 4 code. This would come and go over the last few months. Then one day at work, it wouldn't start. I replaced the...
  19. 8 month review Springfield Dark Horse

    Indian Motorcycle Reviews, Rides and Impressions
    Ride with me! Vicariously! 8 month owner impressions and ride-along video I made today.
  20. Which wiring harness?

    Indian Springfield
    I have a 2016 Springfield with saddlebag audio already. I am adding a heated Roadmaster seat and I’d like to add the trunk as well, but I can’t figure out which wiring harness I need! Is it the audio wiring harness kit: Audio Wiring Harness Kit | Indian Motorcycle Or is it the trunk wiring...