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  1. Indian Scout
    What is the longest one day trip you have taken on your scout and on which seat? Drag Specialties seems to get very little discussion. Help Please. Thank you!
  2. Indian Scout
    I have the tan stock seat and the Indian, SOLO seat luggage rack if anyone is interested, please make an offer. ALSO, I have the stock exhaust with 3000mi on them. They still look brand new.
  3. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    I searched around for good photos and instructions on how the solo luggage rack and grab rail would fit together but didn't find much. The installation went relatively smooth with before/after photos and step by step instructions below. Perhaps they may be useful for someone. Before: After...
  4. Indian Scout
    So I got a bit of an odd request, is there anyone in the Alberta, Canada area with a mustang solo seat that would be open to letting me take the seat for a test ride on my bike, i'm trying to decide between a mustang solo and an airhawk 2 seat cover. This seat problem vexes me, I have never had...
1-4 of 4 Results